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Upgraded to next development version 7.0.1-SNAPSHOT (#1288)

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[DROOLS-1581] avoid unnecessary class loader lookup during eval invoker bytecode generation (#1285)

(cherry picked from commit ac2fbdda5cb0b041d787cb27d25bd21a93364ef4)

DROOLS-1565 Implement a KieScanner listener OSGi import (#1279)

(cherry picked from commit 7d5299e9444ce23f3e47fbaa0d98185fb177ab06)

DROOLS-1565 Implement a KieScanner listener (#1272)

(cherry picked from commit 2decba92a825b628ccadb70cc9405772c4a2b419)

[DROOLS-1560] simplify and improve performances of ChainedProperties discovery (#1276) (#1277)

(cherry picked from commit 74a8579d41132212a33b0c759c18febcac8dfd48)

avoid useless and time consuming TypeResolver resolution during RuleUnit class lookup (#1275)

(cherry picked from commit f39daba8241768eebf5fa8e36c8d5cdbe0e7ba17)

Remove unsused FilteredPatternLayout (#1271)

When upgrading to logback 1.2.0, this class gets broken. No logback-*.xml

file (that I was able to find) is referencing it.

(cherry picked from commit e40621441b4b6958e6030854a8f348095cef84f2)

[DROOLS-1562] avoid NPE when trying to upgrade KieContainer to a non existing ReleaseId (#1270)

(cherry picked from commit 75dfd490a13ecd8ffc7e7de4daeee8e1cf9060cd)

[DROOLS-1564] change oopath syntax (#1268)

(cherry picked from commit 9b66b6cddbdf7efd62d24d63d228935a2951d5f7)

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[RHBRMS-2815] fix insertion from entry-point in persistable ksession (#1267)

(cherry picked from commit 68590c30e0cbf2308c6d59309ef6e9fed112232a)

GUVNOR-3069: Guided Rule messing up operators during round trip marshalling (#1259) (#1265)

(cherry picked from commit af5a496a2f99d345e8c786f209b34089fdea46fe)

[DROOLS-1560] simplify and improve performances of ChainedProperties … (#1257) (#1264)

* [DROOLS-1560] simplify and improve performances of ChainedProperties discovery

* [DROOLS-1560] simplify and improve performances of ChainedProperties discovery

(cherry picked from commit 57c6bc109c154e8870beec35fd8a9b231fb4ef40)

DROOLS-1548 Fix bug with filter selection operator (#1256)

* DROOLS-1548 Fix bug with filter selection operator

* Add test case demonstrate dynamic resolution with filterPathExpression

using the `.` qualifiedName selector

(cherry pick commit 6a687d0 PR #1252 )



[DROOLS-1559] fix concurrent dispose (#1255)

(cherry picked from commit ebabef75784d0fce2d4ee7421625a8a046c3ea31)

[DROOLS-1556] implement support for proxies in kie-ci (#1254)

(cherry picked from commit 05fb0d2db2dbdf6aa6afecbfb333a80593def4b8)

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DROOLS-1557 InputData dependency check does not enforce allowed values for DMN composite type (#1253)

(cherry pick of commit b4a6408 PR #1251)

[DROOLS-1542] rewrite mvel error message in cause original message is null (#1250)

* [DROOLS-1542] Root cause Exception is hidden in MVELExprAnalyzer.analyzeExpression()

* [DROOLS-1542] rewrite mvel error message in cause original message is null

* [DROOLS-1542] rewrite mvel error message in cause original message is null

(cherry picked from commit b0e8ac6d353d0e08bd69aa39e911546b89008166)

[DROOLS-1544] ensure that ReturnValueRestrictionDescr has a reference to the resource from which it has been created (#1247)

* DROOLS-1544: Incremental Compilation with GDST ResourceType fails

* [DROOLS-1544] ensure that ReturnValueRestrictionDescr has a reference to the resource from which it has been created

(cherry picked from commit d17656db081d774558257dc498094978fbafe25a)

Change revapi-config.json comment to be more general (#1241)

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DROOLS-1543 DMN ItemDefinition dependencies ordering (#1245)

Replace Java-api Comparator implementation

with approximation of topological sort.

(cherry picked from commit 055b842 PR #1235)

[DROOLS-1243] allow from pattern to match a subclass of the type of the source (#1238)

* [DROOLS-1243] allow from pattern to match a subclass of the type of the source

Specific case when `from` is returning an Abstract class

and the pattern is matching on an Interface

* Refined case using Interface in `from` pattern against non-final class

(cherry picked from commit 06e97fa599ffd18b2f14d1c1799d9ea5d1d82cfb)

[DROOLS-1539] fix multipart and nested oopath with ruleunit pattern (#1231)

(cherry picked from commit 2da27a6672ebf497ccf984d6bca97f0a99ec0f91)

DROOLS-1531 Fix instanceof accordingly to FEEL spec table 49 (#1230)

* DROOLS-1531 Fix instanceof accordingly to FEEL spec table 49 and InstanceOfNode (#1214)

* DROOLS-1531 Fix instanceof accordingly to FEEL spec table 49 (optimizations)

* Fix case for null property values in isInstanceOf and isAssignableValue

[DROOLS-1536] allow to cache compiler subcomponents into the KnowledgeBuilderImpl (#1229)

(cherry picked from commit 4ae9c55d3eb7e6bf058401a92b74d7ed4fcf55a3)

GUVNOR-2980: Test scenarios do not show correct results (#1226) (#1228)

(cherry picked from commit cd7e5ed8db17b43fedf8f5a2fa5505df4ddc4f76)

Test harness for MultithreadTest.testConcurrentFireAndDispose (#1227)

to further investigate executions while on CI environment.

(cherry picked from commit 92cdb06232dc14edecf4797ae8d521266ede6032)

Fix exception when Pong GUI window is closed, when originally launched.. (#1225)

...from the main app menu.

This fixes the stacktraces below, albeit slightly differ from original

reporter stacktrace, it manifest the same issue:

attempt to redraw GUI from rules, after CLOSE window button is pressed

from Swing side.

The solution is to let the KieSession aware the GUI is disposed, and

more generally in this case the solution is simply to halt() the


Exception executing consequence for rule "Redraw" in org.drools.games.pong: java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot invoke method: drawGame

at org.drools.core.runtime.rule.impl.DefaultConsequenceExceptionHandler.handleException(DefaultConsequenceExceptionHandler.java:39)

at org.drools.core.common.DefaultAgenda.handleException(DefaultAgenda.java:1256)

at org.drools.core.phreak.RuleExecutor.innerFireActivation(RuleExecutor.java:440)

at org.drools.core.phreak.RuleExecutor.fireActivation(RuleExecutor.java:382)

at org.drools.core.phreak.RuleExecutor.fire(RuleExecutor.java:136)

at org.drools.core.phreak.RuleExecutor.evaluateNetworkAndFire(RuleExecutor.java:89)

at org.drools.core.concurrent.AbstractRuleEvaluator.internalEvaluateAndFire(AbstractRuleEvaluator.java:37)

at org.drools.core.concurrent.SequentialRuleEvaluator.evaluateAndFire(SequentialRuleEvaluator.java:43)

at org.drools.core.common.DefaultAgenda.fireLoop(DefaultAgenda.java:1072)

at org.drools.core.common.DefaultAgenda.internalFireUntilHalt(DefaultAgenda.java:1001)

at org.drools.core.common.DefaultAgenda.fireUntilHalt(DefaultAgenda.java:994)

at org.drools.core.impl.StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl.fireUntilHalt(StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl.java:1360)

at org.drools.core.impl.StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl.fireUntilHalt(StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl.java:1339)

at org.drools.games.pong.PongMain$1.run(PongMain.java:56)

at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Executors.java:511)

at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:266)

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1142)

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:617)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot invoke method: drawGame

at org.mvel2.optimizers.impl.refl.nodes.MethodAccessor.getValue(MethodAccessor.java:55)

at org.mvel2.optimizers.impl.refl.nodes.VariableAccessor.getValue(VariableAccessor.java:37)

at org.mvel2.ast.ASTNode.getReducedValueAccelerated(ASTNode.java:108)

at org.mvel2.MVELRuntime.execute(MVELRuntime.java:85)

at org.mvel2.compiler.CompiledExpression.getDirectValue(CompiledExpression.java:123)

at org.mvel2.compiler.CompiledExpression.getValue(CompiledExpression.java:119)

at org.mvel2.MVEL.executeExpression(MVEL.java:929)

at org.drools.core.base.mvel.MVELConsequence.evaluate(MVELConsequence.java:110)

at org.drools.core.phreak.RuleExecutor.innerFireActivation(RuleExecutor.java:433)

... 16 more

Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor21.invoke(Unknown Source)

at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)

at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)

at org.mvel2.optimizers.impl.refl.nodes.MethodAccessor.getValue(MethodAccessor.java:40)

... 24 more

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Component must have a valid peer

at java.awt.Component$FlipBufferStrategy.getBackBuffer(Component.java:4067)

at java.awt.Component$FlipBufferStrategy.updateInternalBuffers(Component.java:4050)

at java.awt.Component$FlipBufferStrategy.revalidate(Component.java:4165)

at java.awt.Component$FlipBufferStrategy.revalidate(Component.java:4147)

at java.awt.Component$FlipBufferStrategy.getDrawGraphics(Component.java:4139)

at org.drools.games.GameUI.getGraphics(GameUI.java:87)

at org.drools.games.pong.PongUI.drawGame(PongUI.java:59)

... 28 more

(cherry picked from commit 169c596e59f75f9ee97cb728b013fed21f543f36)

[DROOLS-1537] avoid to keep a reference of the KnowledgeHelper inside… (#1224)

[DROOLS-1537] avoid to keep a reference of the KnowledgeHelper inside the RuleExecutor

(cherry picked from commit a1546a142a4645ad08e88bf1dfee090a53cf035f)

DROOLS-1477 DMN Extension Elements (#1222)

* 1. To use extension elements inside inputData elements in order to provide “external” information: GEO location, time and location tracking of a decision making (when and were specific decision was taken). This is the primary scope of the use.

2. In case extension element represents a complex type customer prefers to get back an instance of the complex type, assuming the complex type is defined as a class by the development team on the customer side. However, the customer also understands that it can be more complex and considers the possibility to get the complex type as an XML snippet. The parsing and turning the XML snippet into the complex type, defined by the customer.

3. The possibility of getting the list of extension elements is expected from other DMN elements, which extend from DMNElement, according to the DMN specification and meta model diagram by OMG. In other words, the usage of extension elements is not limited to be a part of input data elements only.

4. The client is not expecting “authoring” of the extension elements.

Since extension elements are a part of DMN specification, this is an attempt to make it possible for drools to register custom extension elements in a generic way.

* "Refactoring" after the code review https://github.com/kiegroup/drools/pull/1183.

* Refactoring after code review 2.

* Logging the classnotfoundexception for an extension element register, instead of creating a DMNKnowledgeBuilder result.

* Tests and last (hopefully) changes for the ExtensionElements

* Modification of Tests and proper copyright.

* Not used elements in the sample file.

* Removing customer specific samples

* Removing non-used property files.

* .

* Implement code review comments.

* Oops commit.

* Implement code review comments for the Test.

* currently because KieAssembler is a singleton it is not possible to cache the compiler inside this KieAssembler

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
[DROOLS-1530] fix double accumulate with join (#1219)

[DROOLS-1530] fix double accumulate with join

(cherry picked from commit 6a7a55da8fded9ea16144782f3d2175fb10dab0e)