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Documentation: various documentation enhancements

- generate html files and deploy to Maven

- enhance left menu

- compress images

- add canonical links

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ISPN-4986 Updated User Guide to use proper JCache interceptor classes

ISPN-5130 Non-tx conditional ops should only WARN when clustered

ISPN-5143 Jars containing only converter impls should get dependencies

ISPN-5121 The CDIDistributedTaskLifecycle should not do anything when CDI is not available

'Release Script: update versions for 7.0.4-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-5071 No rebalance enabled and suspended messages logged

ISPN-5104 Infinite loop in TransactionAwareCloseableIterator when iterating through cache

Fixed issue where entry was repeated if added to context after

starting a transaction

ISPN-5088 Deleted entries from (FineGrained)AtomicMap reappear in subsequent transaction

ISPN-5040 Upgrade to JGroups 3.6.1. - Drop DISCARD2 - Use resend_last_seqno="true" in NAKACK2

ISPN-5097 Provide defaults for the S3 properties in the jgroups subsystem config

ISPN-5059 Resolve property value expressions in JGroups subsystem

ISPN-5053 Modules inheriting directly from the BOM use Java 1.5

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ISPN-5052 Cleanup of lock acquisition timeout string.

ISPN-5048 Clean up uberjars to remove javax.* classes and relocated imported classes which don't affect API

ISPN-5000 Cleanup rebalance confirmation collector when node is not coord

ISPN-5026 The Infinispan 7.0.2's GUI demo cannot be properly launched in Windows 7

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ISPN-5030 NPE during node rebalance after a leave

Clean up some more NPEs during AsynchronousInvocationTest and


ISPN-5032 Create a GetCacheEntryCommand to remove the "fetchEntry" modification flag from GetKeyValueCommand

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ISPN-3561 A joining cache should receive the rebalancedEnabled flag from the coordinator

Add error checking after defining the protobuf schema in test setup

ISPN-5029 Make FileLookup backwards compatible with 6.x




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ISPN-5027 OutOfMemoryError in entry retriever when state transfer chunk size is Integer.MAX_VALUE

Replace deprecated usages of Lucene version constants (Version.LUCENE_4_10_1 -> Version.LATEST)

Fix a TODO in ProtobufWrapperIndexingTest

ISPN-5017 Include the CLI uberjar in the distribution zip

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Remove unused imports

ISPN-5011 CacheManager not stopping when search factory not initialized

ISPN-5007 Enhance the distribution script to detect missing artifacts ISPN-5008 7.0.x missing cachestore-remote and extended-statistics modules

Replace <fileset/> with <file/> to have the script fail when the source files are missing.

Fix missing cachestore-remote and extended-statistics modules.

ISPN-5005 Upgrade to HQL Parser 1.1.0.Beta1