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Per jcacek, jiwils etc requests change the default to false.

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M AuthenticatorBase.java

Port the system property for allow trace.
Modify SSO logout so that it can avoid expiring all sessions.
[BZ922180]: Port from Tomcat using a static initializer to init authenticators map.

Fix minor XSS issue with Bayeux; probably not actually used.
Backport JBWEB-258 for better, more unique DigestAuthenticator nonces.

Fix for JBPAPP-9398.

Add missing changelog information.

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- Tweak unlock accept with a timeout.

- Port patch: fix java.io handshake with Java 7.

Clarify the two socket timeouts used, and add a system property for the keepalive one.
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Change session id (if configured) before forwarding to login page.
AS7-5802: Fix oops recreating the filter config right after initializing it if the corresponding filter registration was used.
Port patches to active branches.
  1. … 26 more files in changeset.
Port default error page (now clarified). Also port a minor additional patch.
Improve a bit the Tomcat authentication property patch.
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Improve the patch a bit more...

[JBPAPP-9404] Added changes so that a copy of the Set of allowedHost is stored as lower case to avoid a bug which was found in the original fix for JBPAPP-9404
Arrange r2033 = add the internal JMX names.

Fix for AS7-1581.

Fix for JBPAPP-9314.

[JBPAPP-9499] - Replaced exception with log warning to allow support backward compatibility

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Document org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol.SERVER.

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JBWEB-242: Fix rare leak with tag pooling
JBPAPP-9126: Set the context classloader as soon as possible on newly created threads
Tell where to add it.

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Drop fix for AS7-4566 (problem with IPv6 on shutdown on JDK 6)
Separate the JMX name for the regular name for better addresses.
AS7-4566: Add system property to configure connection timeout
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AS7-4151: Add system property to configure AJP packet size, and another for endpoint max threads.
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