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SOA-3103: removing the sandbox translator

TEIID-1631 : ODBC SQLDescribeCol was not working when used with Prepare Statement

TEIID-1623 - Resolves issue with ODBC precision and scale data for numeric and string types. Fixed Unit Test

TEIID-1622 - Fixes issue with optimization of optional JOIN when used with UNION ALL

TEIID-1623 - Resolves issue with ODBC precision and scale data for numeric and string types.

TEIID-1571 - Fix for invalid merge

Branching 7.1.x for 7.1.1.CP2

SOA-3025: adding the support for the XMLType

SOA-2999: Adding support to produce JDK1.5 compatible Client JDBC driver to the build

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TEIID-1515: adding the SteveH's changes from 7.4 for resultset metadata and auto-increment. This also fixes the nullability issue.

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TEIID-1514 removing unused test zips

TEIID-1515: Primary key reporting is fixed along with NOT NULL on the key metadata.

TEIID-1467 TEIID-1489 backporting metadata fixes

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TEIID-1498 fix for cnf rewrite clone issue

TEIID-1506 updating expected length results

TEIID-1492 fix for stackoverflow in defaultcache

TEIID-1505 ensuring that maxActivePlans is picked up from the config

TEIID-1506: Adding fix ODBC data types for bigint and bigdecimal and byte. Also added the ODBC thread sizing fix.

TEIID-1477: Fixing the unit tests that failed because of the odbc type bug fix

TEIID-1477: Adding support to handle "select version()" call, and couple other 'select' call I have seen with the other tools. Also fixed bug in specifying the pg_type so that pg_attribute transformation returns correct type for the table columns

TEIID-1477: The older clients were not setting the "DateStyle" property which is always present in the newer version of the driver. The code is written to expect it, now it supplies the default DateStyle as ISO, if not found one.

TEIID-1469: Committed to wrong branch. Reverting to previous version.

TEIID-1469: Changed session id (and transaction id) from Long to String

updating to GA version

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TEIID-1458 fix to ensure aggregates that need computed after a join and are cardinality dependent return the proper value