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GUVNOR-3196: [Guided Decision Table] BRL Action offers bound fields for inappropriate actions (#1372)

[DROOLS-1664] fix property reactivity mask calculation when an accumulate contains a subnetwork (#1371)

[DROOLS-1660] fix missing delete of scheduled job during session deserialization (#1370)

remove useless imports in wumpus

[DROOLS-1656] fix missing fire when deleting from a shared subnetwork with mulitple sinks (#1365)

DROOLS-1620 Fix xml unmarshalling on IBM JDK for DMN elements with CDATA (#1359)

[DROOLS-1629] Allow multiple ObjectMarshallingStrategy of the same class (#1364)

GUVNOR-3260: Guided Rule Editor doesn't render RDRL with abbreviated combined relation condition correctly (#1362)

DROOLS-1622 Fix NPE when compiling DMN file on IBM JDK (#1357)

Workaroung IBM JDK limitation

which XML impl. classes is not compliant with the Java JDK javadoc specs

[DROOLS-1583] remove methods adding or removing a single rule on the KnowledgeBaseImpl (#1358)

[DROOLS-1645] fix support for spring boot in kie files resolution (#1356)

[DROOLS-1575] make kbuilder pluggable (#1353)

[DROOLS-1647] fix binding of a DataSource not originally created from the executor (#1352)

[DROOLS-1646] make Iterables, arrays and single objects bindable to a rule unit oopath (#1349)

Avoid an NPE when parsing has errors. (#1350)

Allow query rules to be in a RuleUnit.

AF-558: adjust to the renamed ReleaseId from AppFormer (#1342)

DROOLS-1549 internal improvements (#1347)

* DROOLS-1549 internal improvements

* .

DROOLS-1551: Adding String and Code marshallers for FEEL (#1345)

* DROOLS-1551: adding string marshaller

* DROOLS-1551: implementing code marshaller and code() function

* DROOLS-1551: adding javadocs and updating README file

DROOLS-1549: extending date and time functions to support datetime strings as well (#1344)

[DROOLS-1487] fix rete partioning when an alpha is source of another alpha (#1343)

[DROOLS-1377] remove reteoo implementation (#1341)

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DROOLS-1630 DMN support during incremental KieContainer upgrade (#1336)

* DROOLS-1630 DMN support during incremental KieContainer upgrade

* Add DMN support for cloned KiePackage

For the use-case where the KieRepository contains a cached copy of the

built KiePackages, rebuild the DMNModel from its DMN xml representation

from the DMNModel.Definitions

* Update test parameters.

* Avoid problem with Woodstox trying to insert trailing newline before EOF

* Additional create/dispose/upgrade tests.

* Fix DMNModel serialization, add serialization format header for future..

.. marshalling/serialization formats.

* Rename ResourceTypePackage method to "removeResource()"

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DROOLS-1627 Fix rule unit class name generation (#1340)

* Fix rule unit class name generation

The class name that is generated for rule unit must start with

uppercase letter.

* Fix rule unit class mismatching on case insensitive filesystems

[DROOLS-1633] prevent race condition in jitting process when enforcing immediate constraint jitting (#1337) (#1339)

(cherry picked from commit 92362a8794515b5fb5af35dc664b193eb371d30d)

DROOLS-1623: Fix "Missing Header" DecisionTableParseException (#1334)

[DROOLS-1608] move processes related classes from drools to jbpm (#1307)

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[DROOLS-1619] Compile error on a multibyte-name variable as a positio… (#1329)

* [DROOLS-1619] Compile error on a multibyte-name variable as a positional query parameter

add KieModuleMetaData constructor accepting a List of URI as dependencies (#1331)

[GUVNOR-3016] add KieModuleMetaData constructor accepting a List of URI as dependen…

DROOLS-1621 Add explicit toString calls to patterns using QName in DMN validation rules (#1332)