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Documentation: various documentation enhancements

- generate html files and deploy to Maven

- enhance left menu

- compress images

- add canonical links

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ISPN-5325 Upgrade to protostream-3.0.1.Final

ISPN-5304 WildFly module org/infinispan/client/hotrod/ispn-7.2 is different if installed with library or HR-client

ISPN-5139 Fix trace logs of clustered interceptors

ISPN-5231 Do not hardcode group id in pom

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ISPN-5300 CacheEventFilterAsKeyValueFilter must pass the value and metadata as 'new' to the underlying CacheEventFilter

ISPN-5257 ClusterListenerReplicateCallable should wire the filter and converter with the needed dependecies

ISPN-5284 ComponentMetadataPersister fails to process classes that contain ".class" in their FQN

ISPN-5277 Remove unused imports

ISPN-5269 Process and generate component metadata for tests

ISPN-5271 Usage of filter composition in DistributedEntryRetriever.sendRequest prevents dependency injection to filter and converter

ISPN-5271 Deprecate KeyFilter.LOAD_ALL_FILTER

* this was related to the old usage of the KeyFilter interface with loaders, now it should have a genereci name

* old field aliased for backward compat

ISPN-5271 Minor optimisations related to filtering and conversion in one step

* perform the instanceof KeyValueFilterConverter check once and remember the result for efficiency

* move all calls to LocalEntryRetriever.wireFilterAndConverterDependencies(..) inside DistributedEntryRetriever.startRetrievingValues(UUID identifier, Set<Integer> segments, ...)

* avoid possible NPE in DistributedEntryRetriever.updatedLocalAndRun( )

ISPN-5232 Entry iterator returns entries created in current TX but does not apply the filter/converter

* Fixed issue so entries returned from iterator are not filtered and

converted twice

ISPN-5232 Entry iterator returns entries created in current TX but does not apply the filter/converter

* Transaction context values now check filter/converter

* Fixed issue when multiple context values were present we only chose 1

ISPN-5277 Add a functional test for remote events with filters and protobuf marshalling

ISPN-5232 Ensure non-indexed query is not affected by this bug

'Release Script: update versions for 7.1.2-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-5279 Some core notification filter implementations have an externalizer and are also Serializable

ISPN-5173 Allow subclasses of JGroupsTransport to override the initialization of the rpc dispatcher.

ISPN-5231 CacheNotifierImpl should wire the listener and converter with dependecies from ComponentRegistry

* add CacheEventFilterConverterAsKeyValueFilterConverter

* provide dependecy injection to: CompositeKeyFilter, CompositeKeyValueFilter, KeyFilterAsKeyValueFilter,

KeyValueFilterAsKeyFilter, CacheEventConverterAsConverter, CacheEventFilterAsKeyValueFilter,

CompositeCacheEventFilter, ConverterAsCacheEventConverter, KeyFilterAsCacheEventFilter, KeyValueFilterAsCacheEventFilter

* provide externalizers for: CompositeKeyFilter, KeyValueFilterAsKeyFilter

ISPN-5156 Update JGroups configuration files to match recommended values

Updated UDP configurations to set mcast/ucast_recv_buf_size

ISPN-5204 Don't include old schema files in the documentation and jars/distribution

Include in configdocs only the schemas for the current version.

Don't include schemas from other versions in the jars and distribution.

Include the spring .xsd in the distribution (it will be uploaded to the website from the distribution dir as well)

Remove old schema files and references to them *-7.0.xsd

Include the spring schema in configdocs/

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ISPN-4986 Updated User Guide to use proper JCache interceptor classes

FilterJPAQueryGenerator does not need to be public

Fixed broken link to query.proto

ISPN-5199 TransportStackConfigurationIT failing

ISPN-5198 FuturesTest.testCombineWithCompletionErrors random failures

ISPN-5196 Unify FilterAndConverterDistTest and FilterAndConverterLocalTest

'Release Script: update versions for 7.1.1-SNAPSHOT'

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