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AS7-6274 AS7-IronJacamar integration use an old version of Injection class

AS7-6246: on unbind remove binding service name from RuntimeBindReleaseService; on RuntimeBindReleaseService skip already removed services; adds writable jndi support for mbean registration related callbacks; other minor fixes/enhancements to writable service store.

AS7-6086: catches all throwables when handling a msg, not just specific ones such as CNFE, also changes catch on invoker to act properly on every Throwable, not just IOException. Additionally changed the RuntimeException thrown by EJB Messages, to IOException, since the failures are IO and match the method throws spec.

7.1 AS7-6186 Mojarra 2.1.16 upgrade breaks Seam 2.3 conversations

AS7-6245 ClassNotFoundExecption if entity-commands are used for EJB2-CMP entities

AS7-4283 File cache store location used by <context-root></context-root> overlaps with location for other contexts

[AS7-6225] Messaging XML parser swallows exceptions

* fix throwing the exception everytime missingRequired() is called

* fix broadcast-group & discovery-group parsing constraints

AS7-6223 Temporary system prop based client bind address configuration

AS7-6125 Upgrade PicketBox to 4.0.15.Final

AS7-6220 Add descriptor roles when building the JBossGenericPrincipal

[7.1] [AS7-6202] Deploying to a 7.2 DC with a 7.1.2 or 7.1.3 slave fails in OSGi

AS7-6150 Upgrade JSF based on Mojarra 2.1.16

AS7-6103, use findLoadedModuleLocal() to retrieve module to be unloaded.

AS7-6060 RemoteViewManagedReferenceFactory fix

AS7-6060 allow jndi view operation to proceed after entry value lookup failure

AS7-6024 - Fix naming subsystem schema to refer to 'class' not 'factoryClass'

[AS7-6113] call context.revertReloadRequired() in rollbackRuntime() methods

AS7-6118 Changed code so that attributeName is compared with SimpleAttributeDefinition.getName() rather than the SimpleAttributeDefinition itself.

Say thanks to FindBugs!

AS7-6117 CLI module command leaves out slot in generated module.xml

AS7-6089 CLI module command should not require --resources if --module-xml is specified

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AS7-5077 Minor logging update, applicable for release of SFSB instances

[AS7-5389] Second commit to 7.1 branch, fixing logging error in FilePersistentObjectStore

AS7-1103 ControlledProcessState should only transition to RUNNING from STARTING AS7-5929 Add a unit test of ControlledProcessState behavior @Ignore AS7-5929 integration test that intermittently fails

AS7-6035 - fixing improper use of restartRequired at some places

JBPAPP6-1061 extend EJB JACC policy module tests

Fix performance regression in deploy file transfer.

Implement input stream block reads so that operation file attachments

are no longer read byte-by-byte.

10 * deploy 10MB war, undeploy via cli:


7.1.1.Final ( 37.476144)

nightly-before-fix ( 83.849796)

nightly-after-fix ( 38.201185)

AS7-6071 Split out writing an reading logic, and remove all the dead writing code

[AS7-6077] ReadResourceHandler needs to propagate include-defaults

AS7-6062 Test a connection in a managed domain