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[DROOLS-3181] fix VirtualFileSystem discovery after changes in eap 6.4.21 (#2118)

(cherry picked from commit 2a36f67a29ed06d0f980a60ff1c81fa897e8147a)

[findbugs] Fix array compare in executable model and other fixes (#2079)

DROOLS-2823 FEEL Parser: refactor `not` unary negation and `not` function call; fix support to wildcard `?` (#2059) (#2074)

* wip

* all tests pass

* wip

* fix input var type

* fields order, notExitst builtin f

* most compile-time tests pass

* fix all compiler tests

* fix all tests

* grammar fix

* cleanup

* move method back into its original position

* fix short-circuiting on null (notExists)

* test support to listeners

* fix error logging

* remove decision table in feel expresion tests -- no longer in 1.2

* replace commented out tests with error-checking tests

* move NOT to lexing section;

* fix erroneous reference to non-existing symbol "Not_Key"

(cherry picked from commit 23b87d2e62a1f550ed7afd47dba27b34c9b9a01c)

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[DROOLS-2990] fix dsl generation of constraint calling a constructor in executable model

(cherry picked from commit c0e630ae2bd05d2ccd36f87f440f39fd7657add0)

DROOLS-2592 PMML - Fix race conditions caused by corner cases of used "after" and "before" operators (#2070)

* DROOLS-2592 Fix scorecards reason code update race condition

* DROOLS-2592 Fix possible race conditions in PMML rule templates

RHPAM-1509 Mining model modelChain mode does not compile (#2069)

* Fixed an error, in the PMML4Compiler, that was caused when instead of creating a copy of a DataField object the object was being updated

* Fixed problems in the test data...

- Models need to have a modelName attribute

- A target element, in a MiningSchema, must have a corresponding DataField defined

[DROOLS-2724] make executable model to handle field names with second letter in uppercase

(cherry picked from commit 0f1dabc880b1f22245b311138ee09cab8014220a)

DROOLS-2987 DMN v1.2 marshaller failing marshalling DecisionService ... (#2066)

...node and dmndi:DMNDecisionServiceDividerLine

[BAPL-944] Test for model chain operator in mining model (#2064)

[DROOLS-2986] dynamically size the number of executable model rules per class

(cherry picked from commit a9bf9ad8f2c0d109515686617ee605a8fab6fdbb)

[DROOLS-2634] complete CEP support in executable model

(cherry picked from commit d9dd0b530d9b4cc134db1b76823ac4cebbbd7271)

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RHPAM-1492_ 7_11 (#2063)

* RHPAM-1492 Surrogate operator does not work correctly in decision trees

* Fixed problems in the PredicateRuleProducer classes, where the generated constraints

were not correctly taking into account compound predicates

* Changed treeCompiler.drl to use constraints created by PredicateRuleProducer classes

instead of using the compileConstraints query in common.drl

* Added a method to PMML4Helper (utils within treeCompiler.drl) to retrieve the

constraints/predicate for a node

* Added fix that uses new ArrayList<>() in place of Collections.emptyList()

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Removed redundant test for optimistic lock interceptor (#2055)

[DROOLS-2625] Exec Model: support tests generating compositepatterns and count on multiple patterns (#2058)

* Fix test2AccumulatesWithOr

* Disabled accumulate test

* Support processing of ExistentialPatternImpl and CompositePatterns

* Ported failing test case from integrationTest

* Generate id for anonymous accumulate functions (fixes testAccumulateWithLessParameter)

* Better generator for missing accumulate binding id

* unique exprId for same constraint on different patterns

* Revert "unique exprId for same constraint on different patterns"

This reverts commit 8078322

* Avoid searching for declarations in a subnetworktuple if it's not needed (i.e. with accumulate)

* Disabled AccumulateTest

* Replace accumulate in DSL with a version that forces it to provide at least one accumulate function

* Fixed regression

(cherry picked from commit 7300c303ce331103b52264bd2e69f84fe666a5dc)

[BAPL-944] PMML test for surrogate predicate (#2056)

[DROOLS-2625] In the exec model use the legacy accumulator when the action uses globals (#2051)

* Fix test2AccumulatesWithOr

* Use legacyAccumulate when there's a global in the action block

* Disabled accumulate test

(cherry picked from commit 442bd46af866dfb69394362b14479396c5d1a4c3)

[DROOLS-2634] implement dynamic timers in executable model

(cherry picked from commit c8f76c7c0b18695f4b0674f45be90c123649be2b)

RHPAM-1500 PMML compilation problem with weightedAverage mining operator (#2052)

* Removed @Ignore from MiningModelWeightedAverageTest

* Added a method to get the Double value from the MiningSegmentWeight

* Fixed errors in the weightedAvg.mvel including

- making sure that the correct PMML4Result is used for setting a MiningSegmentWeight

- making sure that the correct PMML4Result gets the weighted average for its target field

- making sure that the all possible SegmentExecutions are inserted prior to starting any SegmentExecution

- updating the "Check Segment Can Fire" rules to update the proper SegmentExecution, instead of inserting a new one

* Fixed tests in MiningmodelTest that were broken by the above fixes

(cherry picked from commit 8eb1aae0dcbdf2b0f36e3ccbbc39e5291bf06c69)

Fix PMML XSD urls in test PMML files (#2050)

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[DROOLS-2625] Better support for ArrayAccess Expression in Exec Model accumulate test (#2045)

* Better regexp match tests down to 26

* Disable accumulate tests

* New test for array access in AccumulateTest.java

* New test for array access

* Yet another new test for accumulate

* Parse element from arrayAccessExpr when it's a methodCallExpr

* First test of flattenScope

* Refactor test

* Flatten method call

* Unary expressions

* FlattenArrayAccess

* Fix testUseAccumulateFunctionWithArrayAccessOperation by supporting ArrayAccessExpression

* Support ArrayAccessExpr in AccumulateVisitor

* ArrayAccessExprWorking tests

* Expression Typer supports declarations with bindings

* First test of remove root node

* Removed println

* Converted arrayaccessexpr to methodcallexpr

* New FindRootViaNodeScope

* New remove node method

* Fix for method without scope

* Removed optional

* FIx regression of findRootNodeViaScope2Rec

* Rename

* Convert to methodCallExpr when using the accumulate

* Also coerce expressions on the right

* Support CastExpr in findLeftLeafOfMethod

* New test in FlowTest

* Fix ExpressionTyperTest.java

* Revert "Also coerce expressions on the right"

This reverts commit 5a42614

* Better test

* Removed test

* Moved unsupported test

* Regression test

* Fix regression

(cherry picked from commit 3fc8a354b7e0e176e11ee346d48e369c4f8ff522)

[7.11.x] [BAPL-944] Tests for mining model - sum, weighted avg., selectAll (#2047)

* [BAPL-944] Tests for sum strategy in PMML mining model

* [BAPL-944] Tests for weighted avg operator in mining model

* [BAPL-944] Tests for select all mining model operator

[BAPL-944] Parameterize and fix PMML regression test (#2044)

[DROOLS-2634] fix generation of dynamic attributes for type declaration in executable model

(cherry picked from commit 2547d71b34df028557f992272339f3044e38edc4)

[BAPL-944] Tests for selectFirst strategy in PMML mining model (#2040) (#2043)

(cherry picked from commit e142035e8e068edf857f032849db25f931ac796d)

[DROOLS-2634] allow to use also fields and globals in temporal expressions

(cherry picked from commit 1c3dc46b73abff05d1143b5f8deb53cff87f2e82)

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
upgraded to 7.11.1-SNAPSHOT

  1. … 53 more files in changeset.
DROOLS-2944 DMN decision logic referencing DMN<import> InputData (#2038)

* Simplified reproducer



* Fix.

* small refactor

DROOLS-2943 DMN DecisionServiceCompiler not correctly wired for DMNv1.2 format (#2037)

* DROOLS-2943 DMN DecisionServiceCompiler not correctly wired for DMNv1.2

... format

* .

[RHDM-717] allow to invoke a live query with null arguments

DROOLS-2908 Guided Score Card (#2035)

* Fixed/updated unit tests and verified that scorecards are compiling and executing

* Added ability to use external types when using the PMML4ExecutionHelper