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BZ 1030050: Sync FORM fixes with 7.4 for saving request body when using FORM.
BZ1036977: Fix using modeler (bad mbean names) with native and NIO2 connectors.
- Branch cleanup.

- Disable Tomcat websockets API in 7.2.

BZ 1001641: Although auth method is supposed to be required, the schema says it is optional, so use BASIC as a default.
release 7.2.3.Final of CapeDarf.

Fix (or work-around) for BZ995411)

[bz-997009] allow configuration of requiredSecret attribute on the AJP connector with a system property
7.2.2 build.

Per jcacek, jiwils etc requests change the default to false.

Clean-up: Remove unnecessary code.

JBWEB-276: Move operations that use an executor to a separate category for possible filtering.
7.2.1 build.
Fix IPvhosts by recycling localName (should be ok on 2.0 and 2.1 though).
Port the (basic) websocket API from Tomcat 7
SSO logout should cleanup the entry credentials.
Port BZ 50273 fix: filtering out accept errors on HPUX. Downside is that a string has to be added ...
Rename logout method to avoid overriding in the AS code.
Port the system property for allow trace.
Modify SSO logout so that it can avoid expiring all sessions.
[BZ922180]: Port from Tomcat using a static initializer to init authenticators map.

Fix minor XSS issue with Bayeux; probably not actually used.

Add an option to preserve the cookie header during processing. Although not a very good idea,

it is allowed to "start over" cookie processing from the original header value. Also useful for

debugging, maybe.

Fix for JBPAPP-9398.

Make sure the string (StringCache) is reset too.

Arrange docs.

- Remove the connector selection logic.

- Changelog update.

Switch to a real Eclipse artifact found by Fernando, that appears to work.
Arrange the NIO2 connector information.

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JBWEB-260: Fix state of async context after executing a runnable, since it is allowed to do something like a dispatch after it [which I did miss].
Mladen confirmed that many Windows platforms should be fine trying to create a big poller, XP class Windows should refuse over 1024

(which should then cause creation of multiple pollsets).