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DROOLS-4278 Applying PMML model using kie-server fails (#2430) (#2453)

* Changed the ApplyPmmlModelCommand execute method so that it uses a

RegistryContext, instead of a RequestContextImpl.

* Added more tests for ApplyPmmlModelCommand

* Changed how the ApplyPmmlModelCommand applied

results to the ExecutionResultImpl.

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DROOLS-4331 : Error when copying Guided Rule with Bigdecimal (#2457)

(cherry picked from commit 1abc4c259ecdc21845a57de504ead33068f0251e)

[RHDM-867] force load of package-info into PMML4Compiler classloader (#2436) (#2452)

DROOLS-4297 : Guided Rule Template removes quotation marks in concatenated String (#2462)

(cherry picked from commit d9ad16403cc48025ec6e9fd01edeed436549b21a)

DROOLS-4284 : Adding 'The following does not exist:' to LHS of the rule causes exception (#2455)

(cherry picked from commit 9e74433fb3ce906010ac5a1eb5bd078116a29848)

[RHDM-1020] Error while beta joining short and integer fields (#2459)

* 4207-1

* 4207-2

* Fix compilation

JBPM-8445: Stunner - unable to set cycle timer with cron expression (#2447)

[7.23.x] DROOLS-4061 : Guided Score card rules not executed via test scenario. (#2445)

* DROOLS-4061 : Guided Score card rules not executed via test scenario.

(cherry picked from commit a0ba9249e99c0299f886f4a0516f8c1049c40678)

* [DROOLS-4125] restore TypeResolver and RuleUnitDescritors after Knowl… (#2374)

* [DROOLS-4125] restore TypeResolver and RuleUnitDescritors after KnowledgePackage cloning

* additional change

* [DROOLS-4125] restore TypeResolver and RuleUnitDescritors after KnowledgePackage cloning

(cherry picked from commit 1b379a3658cb9dce74e362cdd2484ee31cab11b0)

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[DROOLS-4295] skip deleted right tuples when looking for a new blocker in existential nodes (#2435) (#2438)

(cherry picked from commit e759c0b7770b01f49fd40eaf6d81d8ddadbcf9b7)

[DROOLS-4289] recycle FactHandle ids for derived facts during deserialization

(cherry picked from commit 5d21b7d74cbf48fc9186ab090712dfc1ffd5b5ef)

RHDM-999 DROOLS-4204 DMN optimize DT evaluation (#2406) (#2417)

DROOLS-4186 : Guided Rules does not output parenthesis in DRL (#2400)

(cherry picked from commit 25f4ffab014e62262d4edd7cfbb83200a4da895d)

[DROOLS-4175] Error in compiling BigLiteral binding as literal (#2444)

[DROOLS-4217] Test Scenario: corrupted scenario when user accepts error suggestion for collection (#2411) (#2413)

[DROOLS-3805] All line separators in RHS in spreadsheet are escaped (#2402)

- Unit test

DROOLS-3432: Increase coverage of one template key for two different fields (#2364) (#2403)

updated to 7.23.1-SNAPSHOT

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DROOLS-3542 DMN FEEL function parameter typecheck (#2372)

* DROOLS-3542 DMN FEEL function parameter typecheck

* .

* .

* Implement code review feedback

* Implement code review feedback

upgrade to next SNAPSHOT

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[DROOLS-4089] fix method based introspection for property reactivity in MvelConstraint

DROOLS-2992 : Can't compile the kie module which has guided scorecard (#2366)

[DROOLS-3905] Duplicating an instance causes unexpected error (#2371)

* DROOLS-3905 Added a method which retrieves the package from FactIdentifier's className + tests

* DROOLS-3905 Tests improved.

[DROOLS-4085] Support follow redirects and avoid using external URL (#2369)

* [DROOLS-4085] Support follow redirects and avoid using external URL for change set XSD

* Remove all other references to external XSD

* Avoid getting XSD from the internet

[DROOLS-4095] fix parsing of null-safe dereferencing operator after a method invocation

DROOLS-4088 DMN FEEL instance of minor alignments (#2367)

[RHDM-969] avoid serializing a DMNPackage when serialization is done for cloning purpose (#2368)

[DROOLS-3806] Improve error reporting messages + minor bug (#2355)

* [DROOLS-3806] Improved error message, performance improvement on DMNRuntime initialization command

* [DROOLS-3806] Added event listener to extract DMN errors, skip expression steps if result is null in DMN

* [DROOLS-3806] Fix error propagation in case of syntax error on rule test scenario, improved FEEL error handling

* [DROOLS-3806] Improved operator error message

* [DROOLS-3806] Included PR comments

* [DROOLS-3806] Skip KieSession creation when not needed

* [DROOLS-3806] Minor changes

DROOLS-3432 : While using the same template key with difference objects/attributes causes an exception when switching to the Data tab in a Guided Rule Template (#2332)

Remove unused dependency org.eclipse.aether:aether-spi (#2365)

* Remove unused dependency org.eclipse.aether:aether-spi

* remove aether-util

* remove aether-transport-http

* remove aether-transport-file

* remove guice

* remove maven-artifact

* remove maven-plugin-api

* remove httpcore

* remove ant

[DROOLS-4018] Add support for LocalDate in Rule based test scenarios (#2359)

* [DROOLS-4018] Implemented LocalDate support on expression parsing

* [DROOLS-4018] Minor fix

* [DROOLS-4018] Aligned to FEEL ISO date format