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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-12.1.0

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TEIID-5513 allowing to immediately error

updating the highlights

TEIID-5604 minor javadoc fixes

TEIID-5425 correcting the materialization test

TEIID-5513 correcting the version

TEIID-5604 javadoc cleanup

  1. … 40 more files in changeset.
removing unused utility methods

removing unused class

TEIID-5605 widening unsigned long/bigint

TEIID-5645 allowing add constraint with views that have no columns

TEIID-5656: Adding a way to filter the metadata fetch to single schema name in jdbc based sources (#1137)

TEIID-5668 preventing decomp over join

with cardinality dependent aggs from each side we don't have the logic

in place to produce the correct aggregate mapping

TEIID-5522 adding a property to limit the number of projected columns

TEIID-5582 adding an error instead of ignoring

TEIID-5522 adding a property to limit the number of projected columns

adding an explicit war plugin version

TEIID-5513 adding a simple release script

TEIID-5562 removing gwt

TEIID-5612 using autoReleaseAfterClose for the release

TEIID-5647 reserving information_schema

TEIID-5644 correcting the query construction

TEIID-5641 correcting the logging context

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:teiid/teiid

TEIID-5641 correcting the logging context

[TEIID-5662] Add option to converted vdb to file (#1136)

TEIID-5665 making metadata optional

TEIID-5664 changing to jts version 0.16.0

TEIID-5663 ensuring the runnable can't run after closing

TEIID-5663 adding synchronization