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GA build changed from 129 to 133

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switched to final GA build #129

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moving the fuse download runtime url definitions to stacks project (see FUSETOOLS-1377)

Updated help files in org.fusesource.ide.help plug-in for 6.2 release

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Updated org.fusesource.ide.help plugin for latest online help

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version bump to build #121

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[FUSETOOLS-1318] Fixed race condition.

FUSETOOLS-1359 - fixing weirdness with relative path in camel file check

fixed broken refresh in sap import wizard (FUSETOOLS-1319)

made archive path text fields editable (see FUSETOOLS-1336)

issue #315 unmarshallType must be set for json unmarshallers

Fixes #317: Widget is disposed error during DnD after deleting a mapping

issue #314 Validation logic for collections needs to detect any ancestor, not just parent

updated servicemix and karaf yamls

fixed FUSETOOLS-1320 (reset of all entry fields on selection of wrong SAP archive)

Fixing plugin.xml file broken by previous commit to online help

upgrade to build 117 and jbtis tp 4.2.4.Final

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Updated online help with refactored Component Ref

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issue #301 Detect cycles in model parse and mappings

FUSETOOLS-1331 - Update to ensure that start page in Fuse Transform wizard prevents Finishing in actual "unfinished" state

fixed problem with loosing trace messages on tree refresh (see FUSETOOLS-1302)

FUSETOOLS-1316 - Fixing issue with valid project selection and some checkstyle issues

fixed NPEs (see FUSETOOLS-1328)

fixed advanced properties reading from json model

issue #305 Pick up @XmlElementDecl types when scanning model classes

issue #303 Don't parse into java.* types in ModelBuilder

moved to JBTIS TP 4.2.3.Final

Merge pull request #298 from Jooho/patch-1

Update ReadMe.md

Update ReadMe.md

Web page link for every site is broken.

[Apache Camel](http://camel.apache.org)

[Apache Karaf](http://karaf.apache.org)

[Apache ServiceMix](http://servicemix.apache.org)


[JBoss Fuse](http://www.jboss.org/products/fuse/overview)

added salesforce and linkedin component to palette (see FUSETOOLS-1299)

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