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RHPAM-3188: Exception after dynamically adding new node to process (#1761) (#1784)

* RHPAM-3188: Exception after dynamically adding new node to process


* [RHPAM-3188] Fix default in exclusive gateway dumper

Co-authored-by: Enrique Gonzalez Martinez <egonzale@localhost.localdomain>

Co-authored-by: Enrique Gonzalez Martinez <egonzale@localhost.localdomain>

updated to 7.44.1-SNAPSHOT

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[BAQE-1456] Move CountDownAsyncJobListener from jbpm-executor to jbpm-test-util (#1744)

Co-authored-by: Francisco Javier Tirado Sarti <ftirados@redhat.com>

[JBPM-9278] Tests for Email deadline notifications with DBUserInfoImpl (#1724)

[JBPM-9366] Allow environment variables during WIH registering.

BXMSPROD-1003 add details section to pull request template (#1756)

BXMSPROD-998 add takari (#1755)

[JBPM-9344] Maven project loader requires solving pom with immutable spring boot images.

[JBPM-9342] Runtime manager shouldn't throw exception if already closed

[JBPM-9261] unclear validation message for link in different subprocess (#1750)

Actually, the way engine works, links are included as metadata

information of the parent process or every container node, so there is

not vissibility between the links of a subprocess and links of the

parent process, meaning that, at all effects, a no link scenario is

similar to a link in different subprocess.

Error Message was already improved as part of RPHAM-3132, so message

when there is no association is

"There is not connection from any throw link to these catch links {list

of ids}" or "There is not connection from any catch link to these throw

links {list of ids}"

Since now the ids of the missing connections are loggged, although the

same message is printed regardless there is no link or there is a link

in a different process, the user can easily tie knots, avoiding the


A test case was added to verify message is printed

[JBPM-9248] RuntimeDataServiceCDIImplTest must abort process before (#1702)

[JBPM-9320] NPE at EmailNotificationListener toString (#1748)

bumped up to 7.44.0-SNAPSHOT

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BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated (#1739)

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated. build chain v1.3

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated. Testing master

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated. kiegroup/github-action-build-chain@v1.4

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated. -DjvmArgs removed

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated. rm -rf for upstream commands

* BXMSPROD-963 pull_request.yml updated. clean removed from every mvn command

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[JBPM-9178] Immutable springboot images / adding the capability to read kie deployment descriptor from classpath

[JBPM-9317] userTaskService.saveContent doesn't work

[JBPM-9316] Missing javax.xml.bind package with jdk11

[JBPM-9312] - Add .gitignore file to jbpm-workitems/jbpm-workitems-repository-archetype module

[BAQE-1444] - Switch from tcp to mem H2 in jbpm-bpmn2 module (#1707)

* [JBPM-9223] include case file details in case list. (#1697)

Adding new overloaded getCaseInstances method to CaseRuntimeDataService

that allows

the possibility to include case file information if a flag is set

* [BAQE-1444] Switch from tcp to mem H2 in jbpm-bpmn2 module

- Due to this change, there might be some tests failing as records are inserted in the in memory DB much faster (some records in DB might have same date, including milliseconds).

Co-authored-by: fjtirado <65240126+fjtirado@users.noreply.github.com>

DROOLS-5602 Review jbpm DMN examples version in codebase (#1737)

[RPHAM-3132] Adjust link behavior to bpmn specification

There can be multiple throw links per a catch link, but not the other

way around

[JBPM-9310] Warning in BAMTaskEventListener if task is skipped from task event listener

[JBPM-9306] Raising exception when user is not defined

Currently If user does not exist in callback, the organizational entity

is not created, but no exception is thrown, so later a constraint

violation is thrown, as described in the JIRA.

Now the error message will be clear.

[JBPM-9308] EventEmitter is not working in spring boot

fixing properties name typo

[JBPM-9304] NullPointerException in case SLA on user task is violated

[JBPM-9302] Adding missing import to manifest

[JBPM-9298] Serialized session id is not written to .ser file in windows

Here we are facing an OS related issue. Windows does not support ':' as

file name, so file writing always fails.

In order to fix it, we replace ':' by '_' if os is windows.

To determine OS we rely on apache common lang library

[JBPM-9296] Self contained Audit/History module

updated pull request template (#1730)

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