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TEIID-5837 upgrade slf4j to 1.7.28 and fix slf4j-ext so that it aligns as well (#1187)

[TEIID-5823] Updating build dependencies (#1181)

* [TEIID-5823] Updating build dependencies

* [TEIID-5823] Updating build dependencies

correcting javadoc

TEIID-5816 omitting dangling foreign keys

TEIID-5815: correcting the salesforce usage of the extension properties (#1177)

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-12.3.0

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TEIID-5815: Adding 'includeExtensionMetadata' flag to the import properties to enable the inclusion of these properties, the default is set to true to keep the current behavior intact

TEIID-5785 adding ldap

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performing the snapshot build on every master commit

TEIID-5814 adding an async-load option for embedded deployment (#1175)

TEIID-5812 adding a validation error path based upon the schema object

TEIID-5801 using a consistent check for read-only stored procedure

TEIID-5803 adding logic for olingo 4.7

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:teiid/teiid

TEIID-5801 refinement to allow parallel reads until the first update

[TEIIDTOOLS-717] Update srcclr command (#1174)

TEIID-5766 correcting empty list retrieval

TEIID-5808 further upgrading jetty

TEIID-5808 upgrading databind and jetty

TEIID-5807 correcting the toSearch array

TEIID-5806 ensuring proper symbol names in the alias generator

TEIID-5805 correcting the information_schema views query

TEIID-5804 fixing mixing symbol exception with is distinct

TEIID-5774 cleaning up javadoc errors in the core

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adding a reserved schema name list

TEIID-5795 travis is failing randomly on creating a .vdb, changing back

TEIID-5795 adding .ddl and .vdb/.zip deployment to embedded

minor changes to add convenience constructors

TEIID-5801 allowing for more parallel read execution