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BZ1861194: For CVE 2020-13935, part 2
BZ1861194 additional payload length validation.

Update version number for Web 7.5.31
BZ1806501: Add request attribute name filter for AJP

CVE-2020-1938 from Tomcat. Patch ported by Brad Maxwell.

Web 7.5.30
BZ1608654: Add host name verfication for WebSocket client
BZ1625416: Add a fix for mixed parameters, similar to Tomcat 58545. Patch by Aaron Ogburn.
Web 7.5.29.
BZ1608656 - CVE-2018-1336: Fix overflow loop with UTF-8.
Web 7.5.28.
BZ1548975: Port Tomcat patch for CVE-2018-1304.
BZ1520539: Log all multi value headers. Submitted by Petr Jurak.
Web 7.5.27.
BZ1513302: Set DESx as MEDIUM. Patch submitted by Michal Babacek.
BZ1498331: Followup, some specific code for trailing / handling needed to be added.
Web 7.5.26.
BZ1498331: Port over new checks for CVE-2017-12615 and followups.
Web 7.5.25.
BZ1492870: Endpoint close has to be taken out of the sync to avoid a deadlock.
BZ1491857: Switch the default to the HTTP spec.
BZ1489846: Part 2: remove char restrictions.
BZ1489846: Port Coty's patch to allow again {|} chars in the URL. For compatibility, this is enabled by default (set the system property to empty to disable it).
Web 7.5.24.
BZ1433123: Avoid calling prepareRequest if an error occurred earlier.
BZ1460573: Handle error processing as a GET, fix for CVE-2017-5664.
Web 7.5.23
BZ1393221: Port Tomcat fix for CVE-2016-6796.
BZ1393226: Patch CVE-2016-5018, just in case.
BZ1419145: Hack to force restore of the content type header even when there's no body. Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
BZ1439225: set encoding for multipart/form-data. Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.