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upgraded to wildfly 11 for jbpm-container-test (#1278)

Update XSD Schema locations in BPMN2 definitions (#1172) (#1215)

RHBA-400 - Unable migrate process instance with active timer (#1143)

JBPM-6828 - REST endpoint containers/{containerId}/processes/instances/{instanceId}/signals doesn't list boundary signals (#1136)

Fix Invoker cast compilation issue (#1111) (#1112)

upgraded to next development version

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JBPM-6670 - Allow to search tasks assigned by potential owner through (#1084)

Advanced Queries

RHBPMS-5067 - Amend AUTO_INCREMENT on MySQL/MariaDB restart (#1088)

add json generation to wid processor and update html template look/feel (#1087)

JBPM-6487 JBPM tests stabilisation (#1086)

* JBPM-6487

* tasks deadline dates are set just before the task start to avoid premature notification sending

* JBPM-6487

* junit methods replaced by assertj

* task start deadline increased

* JBPM-6487

* test timeout increased

* JBPM-6487

* assertj methods as static import

StartEventTest stabilisation (#1083)

* cron interval extended for testTimerStartCron

* ksession.dispose() moved before loadStatefulKnowledgeSession so that no two sessions exist at the same time

* session restoring removed from testMultipleEventBasedStartEventsTimerDifferentPaths

* repeat interval for timer in BPMN2-MultipleStartEventProcessDifferentPaths added

* JbpmBpmn2TestCase: NPE check in clearHistory method

* testTimerStartCycleLegacy: timer frequency extended

JBPM-6637 - JDK9: fix failing jbpm tests (#1085)

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AF-593+: Move dashbuilder to uberfire. (#1080)

JBPM-6648 - Inclusive converging gateway fails with NPE if process instance has dynamic nodes (ad hoc) (#1082)

JBPM-6640 - Allow pluggable notifications for case comments (#1077)

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JBPM-6487 (#1078)

* repeat limit for timer in process definition BPMN2-TimerStart.bpmn2 set to 5

* junit methods replaced by assertj

Fix large jbpm-container archives

JBPM-6487 JBPM tests stabilisation (#1076)

* JBPM-6487 JBPM tests stabilisation

* runTestLoggerWithCustomVariableLogLength fixed when comparing variable values retrieved from DB in a particular order

* junit methods replaced by assertj

* JBPM-6487 assert fixed

* comments replaced by fail messages

* JBPM-6487 info log message replaced by withFailMessage

Upgrade to jboss-ip-bom 8.0.0.CR2 (#1075)

* Increase memory for tests to avoid GC OutOfMemoryError.

* Override jboss-remoting version for tests to be compatible with jboss-remote-naming.

JBPM-6487 JBPM tests stabilisation PR5 (#1068)

* JBPM-6487:

- null check added becauseTestWorkItemHandler.getWorkItem can possibly return null,

- null value comparison,

- using of junit replaced by assertJ

* JBPM-6487:

* static import for org.assertj.core.api.Assertions added into IntermediateEventTest

* AbstractBaseTest and JbpmJUnitBaseTestCase must not extend org.junit.Assert, static import of org.junit.Assert.* added

instead to the ancestors*

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JBPM-6624 - Task Audit event listener has duplicated logic for release event (#1073)

fixed jbpm distribution after removing/moving work items (#1072)

JBPM-6618 - Enable rule execution limit in business rule task (#1069)

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updating wid processor to generate index.html using bootstrap css and not custom css (#1070)

JBPM-6612 - Remove workitems from jbpm that have been moved to the jbpm-work-items module (#1067)

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JBPM-6595 - Case Roles: User/group assignments fail when using Case File (#1064)

JBPM-6602 - Completed HumanTask can be roll back using Resume REST API (#1066)

JBPM-6487 Jbpm tests stabilisation pr4 (#1065)

* StartEventTest stabilisation

* history clearing error log changed

* comment updated

* JBPM-6487 Assertions.assertThat replaced by assertThatExceptionOfType

* JBPM-6487 unused import removed

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JBPM-6590 - Isolation of Quartz scheduler / triggers per kjar (#1062)

JBPM-6597: Prevent NPE when document storage dir doesn't exist (#1063)