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Add tests for PMML scorecards (#1720) (#1752)

testSimpleScorecard - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with simple predicates

testScorecardWithCompoundPredicate - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with compound predicates

testScorecardWithSimpleSetPredicate - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with simple set predicates

testScorecardWithSimpleSetPredicateWithSpaceValue - same as above but set contains value with space

testScorecardWithComplexPartialScore - evaluate multiple PMML data requests using scorecard with complex partial score

(cherry picked from commit 1fb501f)

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upgraded to next development version

  1. … 52 more files in changeset.
fix parsing of enclosed expressions in executable model

DROOLS-2280 Remove File.separator from rule unit resolution (#1736)

fix dsl generation for or patterns in executable model

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
DROOLS-2263: Cover marshalling of enums with comma inside (#1732)

Transform fromCollect to collectList (#1734)

Moved transformation logic to FromCollectVisitor.java

DROOLS-2263 : Unexpected results in GDST when using enumerations with commas (#1727)

(cherry picked from commit 69ca5dbbea8381dd9dedba877e52bd395b21a025)

add test for inline accumulate in executable model

Oo path multiple condition (#1731)

* Nested condition in OOPath should be put in AND

* Renamed conditions

* New Tests for Multiple Conditions in OOPath and Ignored OR tests

fix binding of accumulate as source of its own pattern when building from the executable model

[DROOLS-2276] delay removal of rule from package after removal from phreak network to allow correct flushing of staged tuples

DROOLS-2279 Realign extension registers test to master using DMNProfile

Handle HalfPointFreeExpressions (#1729)

Moved parsing of PointFreeExpresion to ToTypedExpr

minor fixes for queries in executable model

RHBA-382 - Redundant records are inserted by JPAPlaceholderResolverStrategy (#1710)

JBPM-6770 - Information not available in TaskLifeCycleEventListener and ProcessEventListener (#1712)

Support for new drlx-parser (#1724)

* Fix after DrlxParser new release

* Disabled tests

avoid registering the variable used inside an accumulate pattern as a condition one when generating the executable model

fix eval edge cases in executable model

exec model calculate inherited fields for constructor from parent declared type (#1722)

refactor custom operators definition and evaluation in executable model

exec model introduce rule metadata support (#1719)

fix strings coercion for comparison operators in executable model

fix error reporting for invalid expressions in executable model

fix binding of point free expressions in executable model

[RHDM-314] avoid NPE when trying to remove a not existing rule coming from a broken drl during an incremental compilation

DROOLS-2264: adding strict mode option for the DMN engine

exec model provide Drools support for PropertyChangeListeners (#1715)

[RHDM-311] fix globals removal during incremental compilation (#1717)