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TEIID-1904 fix for expression evaluation error in multi-source planning

TEII-1907 ensuring visit node will be called for select

TEIID-1899 fixing assertion error during join

TEIID-1895 providing more override hooks and adding an excel override for import that will enclose names in square brackets

TEIID-1871 adding byte[] type check

TEIID-1864 correcting frac_second handling for sybase

TEIID-1893 fix for invalid output columns

TEIID-1868 TEIID-1533 refining the backoff logic to not be used unless the ndv is known.

TEIID-1884 fixing final row count when using foward only

TEIID-1883 fix for not using the appropriate timeout

TEIID-1882 fix for backwards compatibility

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TEIID-1824 minimizing factory creation

TEIID-1878 fix for creating the global table metadata store too early for dynamic vdbs

TEIID-1879 moved the proactive check for source closure out of the doneProducingBatches method and added protection in the streamable logic so that the socket won't close

TEIID-1876 changing the bit methods to int4, rather than intn

TEIID-1868 fix for partial remapping of a temp table query

TEIID-1873 adding more info about setting security domains

TEIID-1872 fix for implicit temp table creation

TEIID-1870 fix to ensure non deterministic functions are pushdown as expected

TEIID-1867 adding source name validation to the creation of connector managers

TEIID-1871 fix for calling getObject returing bytes, rather than a string

TEIID-1871 fix for calling getObject returing bytes, rather than a string

TEIID-1869 fix for decodeinteger. and deprecating the decode functions

TEIID-1863: updating the protocol url for SF

TEIID-1832 allowing vdb specific translators to be assigned as well

TEIID-1852 fix for a host of sf issues

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