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RHPAM-1424 - JPA Entity causes NPE when being used as case file variable (#1289)

JBPM-7068 Process Definitions: Sorting by columns containing text is key sensitive (#1251) (#1273)

RHPAM-1122 - Follow-up: Not possible to migrate process with recurring timer (#1268)

[JBPM-7414] AsyncMode doesn't wait on Inclusive converging Gateway (#1270) (#1271)

[7.7.x] Patch 7.0.2 - RHPAM-1189 and RHPAM-1096 (#1247)

* RHPAM-1189 - WorkflowRuntimeException wraps only the most bottom root cause Exception in RuleSetNodeInstance (#1190)

* "IllegalArgumentException: Unknown node id" when migrating MultiInstance - Unit test

* RHPAM-1096 - 'IllegalArgumentException: Unknown node id' when migrating MultiInstance

* RHPAM-1122 - Not possible to migrate process with recurring timer (#1234)

* RHPAM-1209 - Task assignment failing if actor contains variable with empty string

* JBPM-7355 - Missing 'import' doesn't always produce a compilation error in BPMN2 process (#1249)

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Stabilize EventEmitter tests (#1259)

RHPAM-609: Tasks First Due Date update writes null to task log (#1239)

[7.7.x] Use PPI strategy for jbpm-container EJB tests (#1238)

* Use PPI strategy for jbpm-container EJB tests

* jbpm-in-container: Update README.md

RHBA-611 - The system property org.jbpm.rm.init.timer should be set as false by default in jbpm ejb timer service (#1225)

JBPM-7277 - Node SLA is not updated for the right node (#1224)

Downgrade Resteasy to fix jbpm-container tests on WebLogic (#1222)

JBPM-6208 - Case file for related documents: backend - jBPM engine test development (#1214)

RHPAM-401 - Tasks List View doesn't respect a custom UserGroupCallback (#1212)

JBPM-7192 - case management - stage and milestone conditions do not support multiple instances (#1208)

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RHPAM-275: A user can display tasks for which he is not Potential Owner or Bussines Admin (#1202)

RHPAM-85 - NPE when trying to list variables for an aborted process (#1168) (#1205)

[7.7.x] JBPM-4646 - Covered remaining methods (#1206)

* JBPM-4646 - Covered remaining methods

* Case Data Item API Corrections

JBPM-6235 TaskInstanceView Test (#1200)

JBPM-7174 - CaseFileInstanceMarshallingStrategy calls wrong method on finishing transaction (#1198)

RHPAM-833 - log tables are not updated upon case reopening (#1192) (#1196)

RHPAM-806: Enrich Task event listeners data (#1189)

Authorize System User unknown to all operations with cases

Make SLA_VIOLATED state propagate to NodeInstanceLog entry type in DB

RHBA-71 - Allow forward operation for Business Administrators (#1167)

Update XSD Schema locations in BPMN2 definitions (#1174)

updated to next SNAPSHOT version

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JBPM-7069 - Manage Tasks only display tasks if user is set/member of Kie Server Human task admin system property (#1166)

Stabilize Audit tests (#1163)

RHBA-519: Cache AsyncAuditLogProducer in DefaultRegisterableItemsFact… (#1155)

* RHBA-519: Cache AsyncAuditLogProducer in DefaultRegisterableItemsFactory to improve performance

* RHBA-519: Add test case

* RHBA-519: Mark file as required for DefaultRegisterableItemsFactoryTest

* RHBA-519: Minor formatting fix

jbpm-test-coverage - improved tests as it seems instability is related to not really pool data source (#1162)