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Documentation: various documentation enhancements

- generate html files and deploy to Maven

- enhance left menu

- compress images

- add canonical links

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ISPN-6313 Update the Java requirement in the docs to 8.

ISPN-5788 Add more tests for query grouping and aggregations

ISPN-6042 NPE when using avg on repeated property and one group does not contain any value

ISPN-6028 Allow caching of queries that have second phase accumulators

ISPN-5931 Rename ContinuousQueryResultListener to ContinuousQueryListener

* the old interface is still kept for compat

Add ContinuousQuery.removeAllListeners() and ContinuousQuery.getListeners()

ISPN-6021 Use a Counter instead of a Long

Add ContinuousQueryProfilingTest

ISPN-6021 Merge DoubleSum and DoubleAvg classes

Make ContinuousQuery.EntryListener private

ISPN-6021 Do not project the dummy value

ISPN-6021 COUNT and AVG aggregations for fields of embedded entities doesn't work

* the output of the first COUNT aggregation phase needs to be aggregated with SUM in second phase

* for AVG, applying AVG again in second phase will not yield the correct result, so the

FieldAccumulator was extended to support this by introducing a merge() method besides update()

Reject projections of repeated properties

Reject aggregations in where clause

ISPN-6008 More tests

Use jboss-logging for exceptions in remote query

Use jboss-logging for exceptions in QueryEngine

Making JPAQueryGenerator immutable is not possible after introduction of named parameters

ISPN-5682 Aggregating fields of embedded entities doesn't work

ISPN-6008 Query DSL groupBy and orderBy should only accept single-valued properties

ISPN-5974 Continuous query should support projections

ISPN-5998 Enable jgroups server subsystem schema validation

ISPN-5998 Fix the sasl element in the server jgroups schema

ISPN-5991 Upgrade Jandex to the Final version 2.0.0.Final

'Release Script: update versions for 8.0.3-SNAPSHOT'

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Osgi test fix

Temporary workaround for JGRP-1942. To be reverted when we upgrade to JGroups 3.6.7

ISPN-5985 Add tests for listeners matching the requirements of ClientEvents.addClientQueryListener

ISPN-5934 ContinuousQuery must benefit from DSL based filter indexing

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