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[JBWEB-305] Add file name information in detail error when compiling the java file
Port state fixes for Servlet 3.1 upgrade.
[WFLY-1589] allow configuration of requiredSecret attribute on the AJP connector with a system property
Fix IPvhosts by recycling localName (should be ok on 2.0 and 2.1 though).
Port JSP 2.3 restriction to GET, POST and HEAD.
Adapt omitted methods code from Tomcat.
Adapt and port Servlet 3.1 auth updates, to support **.
Port the (basic) websocket API from Tomcat 7
SSO logout should cleanup the entry credentials.
Port BZ 50273 fix: filtering out accept errors on HPUX. Downside is that a string has to be added ...
Port missing patch for APR and NIO connectors, for JMX names.
Rename logout method to avoid overriding in the AS code.
Try preloading the Constants class.
- Add a system property for TRACE.

- Modify SSO logout so that it can avoid expiring all sessions.

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Version number updates.
Remove the bundled EL.
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Fix message id.
The exception is mandatory for the error events. Make a dummy one if there's none.
[BZ922180]: Port from Tomcat using a static initializer to init authenticators map.
Some 3.1 fixes, after reviewing the javadoc.
Align with Tomcat's array list to allow using the same part name multiple times since it is not really known if it is allowed or not

(but getPart(String) will return the first one, only the full iteration allows accessing the others).

Port trivial spec addition.
Start experimenting with 3.1.
Fix minor XSS issue with Bayeux; probably not actually used.
Port minor fix: some encodings take a lot of bytes ...
Dependencies updates, plus do the basics so that it builds.
AS7-6670: Port missing PA on JspFactoryImpl.
- Branch next dev branch (no trunk, afraid of the cleanup ...).
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