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ISPN-8771 Use full license name in poms

ISPN-6558 Typo in export package of soft-index file store

Add Jenkinsfile on 8.1.x

ISPN-8448 Retried prepare times out while partition is in degraded mode

Throw an AvailabilityException if the cache is in degraded mode

before sending the prepare command remotely.

ISPN-8438 Update to Apache Lucene 5.5.5

ISPN-8183 ClassFinder logs lots of warnings in CI

Change the rules for whether a classpath element belongs to Infinispan:

for files, the file name should contain "infinispan",

and for directories, they should have a subdirectory "org/infinispan".

ISPN-8121 Add license stanza to root pom

'Release Script: update versions for 8.1.10-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-7064 RPC to leaver times out instead of finishing immediately

ISPN-7949 Reduce worker threads in the Hot Rod client testsuite

ISPN-7955 Make the Hot Rod client lazily resolve server addresses

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ISPN-7949 Obtain free port for the HotRodServer in the testsuite

ISPN-7949 Avoid leaving behind registered MBeans if server fails to start

[JBEAP-10583] : Addition of MANUAL eviction strategy.

'Release Script: update versions for 8.1.9-SNAPSHOT'

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[ISPN-7535] Cache creation requires specific permissions when using security manager

Move Util.getClassLoaders() and ReflectionUtil.invokeAccessibly() to doPrivileged() when security manager is enabled

'Release Script: update versions for 8.1.8-SNAPSHOT'

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[ISPN-7207] Cache creation requires specific permissions when using security manager


'Release Script: update versions for 8.1.7-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-6045 Fix transaction aware iterator remove

Fixed the problem where TransactionAwareKeyCloseableIterator did not set

the previousValue field, which made any calls to remove() throw NPE.

Additionally, the iterator now throws IllegalStateException if next()

has not been called, or remove() has been already called for the current

item as Iterator interface specifies.

ISPN-6806 State transfer exception serializing L1InternalCacheEntry

Avoid sending L1 entries via state transfer.

L1 entries will still survive on the new primary owner when the last

owner leaves/crashes, but they won't be transferred to another node,

and they still expire, so they will eventually be lost.

[ISPN-6857] : OutdatedTopologyException in clustered invalidation cache 8.1.x.

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Documentation: various documentation enhancements

- generate html files and deploy to Maven

- enhance left menu

- compress images

- add canonical links

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'Release Script: update versions for 8.1.6-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-6768 CommandAwareRpcDispatcher channel listener can cause classloader leaks

ISPN-6723 Make common parser methods unversioned to ease the life of external stores

Build script fixes

- Use -DskipTests consistently throughout the build

- Remove useless scripts

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ISPN-6599 Allow null cache topologies in status responses

If LocalTopologyManagerImpl receives a status request while it's

waiting for a join response, it should re-send the join request.

ISPN-6599 Log response filter errors

Improve logging for byte array keys and values




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