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'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.13-SNAPSHOT'

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Fix version regex

ISPN-9600 ReflectionUtil.invokeAccessibly should not be public

(cherry picked from commit 7bdc2822ccf79127a488130239c49a5e944e3ca2)







ISPN-9787 Integration tests fail on the 8.2.x branch

ISPN-9701 TransactionTable does not shutdown gracefully

'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.12-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-8974 Nullify marshaller/unmarshaller is instance cache too big

'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.11-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-8893 Do not ignore the asking thread stack trace when reporting a remoting exception.

ISPN-8893 Use main exception instead of create a new one, added site backup operations

'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.10-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-8771 Use full license name in poms

ISPN-8624 Custom marshaller implementors should verify class names

* Add documentation entry to make sure any custom marshaller

implementations implement white class name verification.

ISPN-8624 White list unmarshalling for GenericJBossMarshaller

ISPN-6558 Typo in export package of soft-index file store

ISPN-8448 Retried prepare times out while partition is in degraded mode

Throw an AvailabilityException if the cache is in degraded mode

before sending the prepare command remotely.

ISPN-8438 Update to Apache Lucene 5.5.5

ISPN-8344 DSL queries filtering only on type are always executed without index

JENKINS-47230 Do not use sh in the environment block

Set the MAVEN_HOME environment variable with a generic script

ISPN-8183 ClassFinder logs lots of warnings in CI

Change the rules for whether a classpath element belongs to Infinispan:

for files, the file name should contain "infinispan",

and for directories, they should have a subdirectory "org/infinispan".

ISPN-8169 DirectoryImplementerTests.testConfigureAsyncDeletes random failures

ISPN-8170 Disable Maven progress indicator in CI

Copy Jenkinsfile from master, but without checkstyle

and without the deploy step.

ISPN-8121 Add license stanza to root pom

'Release Script: update versions for 8.2.9-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-7991 Improve Compatibility between Rest and HotRod for text content

ISPN-7949 Reduce worker threads in the Hot Rod client testsuite

ISPN-7955 Make the Hot Rod client lazily resolve server addresses

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ISPN-7949 Obtain free port for the HotRodServer in the testsuite

ISPN-7949 Avoid leaving behind registered MBeans if server fails to start

ISPN-7946 Create test ensuring protobuf metadata cache is started

ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache