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FUSETOOLS-2204 - upgrade Neon TP to 4.4.0.Final (#753)

JBTIS-982 - Add back sonatype m2e plugin

it is required to have maven-bundle-plugin working correctly and be able

to deploy immediately after creation of a project to a server

Tycho version upgrade (#746)

FUSETOOLS-2166 - Avoid losing path parameters when going back and forth

- it was occurring because the ModifyListener is calling an update on

the path parameters before the modelMap was completely initialized

- the solution consists to fall back to current model state if modelMap

is not initialized for the parameter required

FUSETOOLS-2177 - fixed json / bindy dataformats properties and added … (#741)

* FUSETOOLS-2177 - fixed json / bindy dataformats properties and added choice field handling

* reformatted the file

FUSETOOLS-2123 - fix for the flashing progress dialog (#739)

FUSETOOLS-2157: Root element name must be supplied for the transformation. (#740)

FUSETOOLS-2105 removed obsolete graphics from tooling user guide and tutorials /images dirs (#738)

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FUSETOOLS-2123 - fixing refactoring issue (#736)

FUSETOOLS-1899 - Avoid InterruptedException on project creation

- the InterruptedException was triggered by IEventBroker.send called

- at creation of a project, if all ids are set, this shoudln't be

called, I improved the condition

- I added in check in test to ensure that the editor is nto dirty (to be

sure that no id is generated/modified during project creation which can

cause the IEventBroker.send to be called

FUSETOOLS-2171 - upgrade to Neon TP 4.4.0.CR1

FUSETOOLS-2138 - be more robust against InterruptedException

FUSETOOLS-2117 - register default editor association on project creation

it is useful when Spring IDE is installed, other wise subsequent opening

of the file will randomly open the SPring IDE editor or the camel editor

(depends on the order of camel content types registration and seems that

Spring IDE wins almost always)

FUSETOOLS-2117 - clean code

FUSETOOLS-2117 - Fix opening of editor on project creation when Spring IDE is installed

FUSETOOLS-2125 - removing the temp deploy artifact file from filesyst… (#729)

* FUSETOOLS-2125 - removing the temp deploy artifact file from filesystem on undeploy

* code cleanup

FUSETOOLS-2150 - fix broken collapse/expand (#725)

* FUSETOOLS-2150 - collapse/expand fixed but still layout not nice when container part of a route

* fixed 2 out of 3 broken use cases and added tests for all 3. Last test still fails.

* added more tests and fixed all known layout issues

* code cleanup

* do not allow add figure to a collapsed container

* added special highlighting for collapsed figures

* reformatted code and replaced dots with dashes

FUSETOOLS-2157 - Set accessExternalFileAccess to all and log parse errors

FUSETOOLS-2016 - use super method directly

to avoid having twice the same camel-dozer dependency

FUSETOOLS-1482 FUSETOOLS-2087 - Improve path parameter support

- support path parameters starting with slashes

- support when there are several parameters

FUSETOOLS-2083 - Support question marks in Path parameters

code improvement which did not make it into 8.0 (#710)

FUSETOOLS-2147 - upgrade to Neon TP 4.4.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT (#719)

Remove unused import package

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Remove unused suppressed warnings

Add Doctype specification to avoid warning

FUSETOOLS-2117 - Improve compatibility with Spring IDE (#715)

Allows to have Bean code completion in xml

- Fix creation of Spring Templates when Spring IDE is installed

- Fix "Launch as camel context" shortcut when Spring IDE is installed

FUSETOOLS-2137 - Externalize Strings for Manifest.MF and plugin.xml

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FUSETOOLS-2135 - Upgrade to JavaSE-1.8 for Execution Environment

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-2137 - Add missing bundle-vendor header