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ISPN-8771 Use full license name in poms

ISPN-8001 HotRodCustomMarshallerIteratorIT fails randomly

* the random failures are caused by filter deployment sometimes not being

  completed well after the cache is already running. So we wait.

ISPN-6558 Typo in export package of soft-index file store

JENKINS-47230 Do not use sh in the environment block

Set the MAVEN_HOME environment variable with a generic script

ISPN-8344 DSL queries filtering only on type are always executed without index

ISPN-8183 ClassFinder logs lots of warnings in CI

Change the rules for whether a classpath element belongs to Infinispan:

for files, the file name should contain "infinispan",

and for directories, they should have a subdirectory "org/infinispan".

ISPN-8169 DirectoryImplementerTests.testConfigureAsyncDeletes random failures

ISPN-8170 Disable Maven progress indicator in CI

Copy Jenkinsfile from master, but without checkstyle

and without the deploy step.

ISPN-8121 Add license stanza to root pom

ISPN-8077 Split test classes in order to get clean test runs for native clients

ISPN-7722 Fix NPE in LocalTopologyManagerImpl when shutting down cache

ISPN-7086 Fix memached server not reading all of a value

- Do not be cautious about reading past the buffer since ReplayingDecoder will handle this

- Replace recursive calls with iterative

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ISPN-7991 Improve Compatibility between Rest and HotRod for text content

ISPN-8006 Key/value bodies should use printArray

* To avoid logging too long key/values

ISPN-7952 OffHeapSingleNodeExpirationEvictionTest failures

* Fix compilation for 9.0.x branch

ISPN-2082 JdbcStringBasedCacheStore: ORA-24816 when storing BLOB values > 4000 bytes

-- PreparedStatements are now prepared in the TableManager

implementation to allow for greater flexibility for each database


ISPN-7924 Documentation for KUBE_PING 1.0.0.Beta1

# Conflicts:

# documentation/src/main/asciidoc/upgrading/upgrading.asciidoc

ISPN-7924 KUBE_PING to 1.0.0.Beta1

# Conflicts:

# wildfly-modules/build.xml

# wildfly-modules/src/main/resources/org/jgroups/kubernetes/main/module.xml

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ISPN-8019 Upgrade JGroups to 4.0.4.Final

ISPN-7987 Object-filter in missing from javadocs

ISPN-7955 Make the Hot Rod client lazily resolve server addresses

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ISPN-7952 OffHeapSingleNodeExpirationEvictionTest failures

* Fixed offset issue

ISPN-7946 Create test ensuring protobuf metadata cache is started

ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache

'Release Script: update versions for 9.0.4-SNAPSHOT'

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ISPN-7814 Remove protected cache security check

* This check has proven to be not very effective.

* Instead, a more comprehensive default security configuration is needed

which is being worked on.

ISPN-7710 Remote query server module dependency

* Add remote query server dependency to org.infinispan module in server

as optional dependency so that CompatibilityProtoStreamMarshaller can

easily be set in configuration.

ISPN-7930 Avoid provided deps unless necessary

* Some of the provided dependencies were added to avoid issues with uber

jars, but these uber jars are not really designed for Maven-like envs.

* Having these provided dependencies forces users to define the provided

dependencies on top which is a usability issue.

* So this JIRA reverts these provided dependencies since users should

not be relying on uber jars as dependencies.

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ISPN-7928 Upgrade JGroups to 4.0.3.Final

ISPN-7922 OffHeap stream causes too many entries in memory at once

* Make sure that we only have 1 flatMap

* Reduce invocation count for lots of writes