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FUSETOOLS-2308 - Upgrade TP to 4.4.2.AM2-SNAPSHOT

FIS-HelpFinal: updated help files for latest FIS 2.0 update - affected camel version to use for Fuse FIS projects - 2.18.1.redhat-000012 (#851)

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FUSETOOLS-2282 - upgrade to latest dependency versions (#850)

* FUSETOOLS-2282 - upgrade to latest dependency versions

* updating activator plugin id

* fixed some more versions

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Deleted data_trans.gif from /images folder - not used in help (#849)

updated help files for FIS tooling release (#847)

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FUSETOOLS-2222 - Use Camel Productized version for FIS 2.0 Final

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Revert "Initial check-in of new transformation runtime engine"

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Initial check-in of new transformation runtime engine (#833)

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FUSETOOLS-2262 - Fix catalog 2.15.1.redhat-621117

- fixing FUSETOOLS-2262 highlighted an issue with an older catalog

FUSETOOLS-2262 - avoid NPE in tests

FUSETOOLS-2262 - avoid connection refused in log

FUSETOOLS-2272 - GA image streams will be on another url

FUSETOOLS-2271 - specify usage of docker

fabric8-maven-plugin has changed the default so need to specify it in

the launch configuration now.

FUSETOOLS-2262 - Support Camel version not exactly supported

- have a look to Compile Dependencies for SwitchYard

- retrieve CamelModel based on the closest supported compatible camel


FUSETOOLS-2269 Upgrade Target Platform from 4.4.1.CR2 to 4.4.1.Final

revert to previous parent pom version

added back build number

FUSETOOLS-2260 - override jgit timestamps for filenames

FUSETOOLS-2262 - fix camel configurator

-- use older dependency method to get dependencies in another way from

the project

-- update after suggestion from Aurelien

FUSETOOLS-2259 - handle fuse qualifier in ActiveMQPaletteEntry

FUSETOOLS-2259 - Use latest FIS version available before RC

- handle fuse qualifier and not only redhat ones

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FUSETOOLS-2246 - avoid graphic is disposed

The workaround consists in resetting the selection to an empty one to

avoid graphic is disposed.

The current selection is more clearly lost now but it was -

unfortunately - already the case before

FUSETOOLS-2255 - fix wrong camel facet selection when creating a SY project with Camel (#820)

* FUSETOOLS-2255 - added fallback for determining the camel version of a project

* another tweak to get the correct camel version

* applied suggested and tested fix from Brian

FUSETOOLS-2256 - Upgrade to 4.4.2.Final-SNAPSHOT (#816)

- removing no more used ide-version properties which was not allowing to

move to a Final version dueto enforcer rules

FUSETOOLS-2253 - fix NPE when selecting method in transform (#818)

* FUSETOOLS-2253 - fix NPE when selecting method in transform

* fixed problem with invalid generated source for "method"

* fixed initialization problem on subpanels of a language/expression

FUSETOOLS-2238 - reenable the debug launch tests for SpringBoot template

FUSETOOLS-2234 - allow Run as / Debug as Camel Context for SpringBoot… (#814)

* FUSETOOLS-2234 - allow Run as / Debug as Camel Context for SpringBoot project with Camel

* disabled test for springboot

* FUSETOOLS-2234 - add unit test for springboot goals

* removed the local launcher for m2e springboot:run

* fixed broken test

Updating launch for missing dependency (#815)

    • -2
    • +2
    /targetplatform/JBTIS Neon Mac OS.launch
FUSETOOLS-2252 - avoid touching pom at wrong time

re-enable test for FUSE 6.3.0.R1 too(FUSETOOLS-2251)

FUSETOOLS-2248 - Fix Camel version detection

it was using the toString on the Selection instead of using the content

of the selection itself