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Jenkinsfile-release: align with more recent changes

ISPN-10029 Fix hibernate-cache tests

* Handle commit commands in TxInvalidationInterceptor

* Don't send commit commands if we didn't send a prepare first

* Document invalidation locking changes

ISPN-10029 Fix SyncInvalidationTest

ISPN-10029 Fix topology id for non-tx invalidation commands

ISPN-10029 Invalidation locking is not clustered

* Lock tx keys on the primary owner

* Keep locking non-tx keys only on the originator

* InvalidationSharedStoreTest tests that global locks protect

the shared store with pessimistic and optimistic locking

* Require partition handling to be disabled in invalidation mode


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Fix doclets relative pom

Remove availabilityMutex

ISPN-9800 Allow PersistenceManager availability check to be disabled

ISPN-9798 Utilise readLock for store availability check to avoid deadlock

ISPN-9701 TransactionTable does not shutdown gracefully

ISPN-9742 Analyzers not working for inner objects

ISPN-9742 Reproducer


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ISPN-9727 Ickle query ignores an IN clause if there is only one value

* The boolean OR query around the single value has this side effect; this can be fixed

by transforming an IN predicate with a single value into a simple equals right after parsing

ISPN-9725 Blackbox query tests are failing due to improper teardown that does not take store and index into account

ISPN-9720 JDK11: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred

ISPN-9702 ClassCastException when using converters in remote events

ISPN-9702 Reproducer

ISPN-7863 Create a test that really fails

ISPN-10323 backporting: ISPN-9677 Check tx running when updating query cache


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ISPN-9641 Using expiration with off heap doesn't subtract size properly with expiration

* Make sure to include expiration when not using version or custom

ISPN-9628 Add Multi-Release entry to infinispan-commons jar

ISPN-8813 Avoid NPE during BaseJPAFilterIndexingServiceProvider.stop()

ISPN-9573 Stopping a cache can lead to unintentional unregistering of another indexed cache query-related MBeans

org.infinispan.query.remote.impl.LifecycleManager can safely cache the MBeanServer