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ISPN-11841 Listener leaking and produce OOM error

ISPN-10428 use default path with single file store

next version 9.4.20-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 9.4.19.Final

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Update Jenkinsfile-release

ISPN-11321 remove duplicate sb starter docs

ISPN-11639 start stop endpoint connectors via cli

ISPN-10428 path docs for single file cache stores

ISPN-11637 minor doc tweaks

ISPN-11564 UnsupportedOperationException while putting attribute into HTTP Session

ISPN-11383 upgrade spring versions

ISPN-11341 Detect client and server segment mismatch and fallback to tracking only keys

ISPN-11341 Turn BINARY as a no-op when cache started by the server

ISPN-11341 Reproducer

ISPN-11377 Change default flow control back to UFC/MFC

Increase max_credits to 4MB to compensate for the queue.

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ISPN-11373 XSite backup commands should be sent from a blocking thread

ISPN-11318 Silence spurious log4j2 classloader warning from Netty

* Make Netty module depend on the slf4j module

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ISPN-11249 Unexpected functionality added by Java8 default interface methods

ISPN-11352 JGroups Subssytem: persist properties in the relay element

ISPN-1004 backport fixed to use correct method overriding

ISPN-11347 Change default TOS for UDP

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next version 9.4.19-SNAPSHOT

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Releasing version 9.4.18.Final

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ISPN-11209 Max Idle changes caused a REPL read performance regression

* Updated missing reference

ISPN-11318 Netty 4.1.45.Final

ISPN-11004 SQL server exception purging data

ISPN-11405 Always use thread pool to handle async xsite requests

* Add metrics

ISPN-11404 Add metrics to ActionSequencer

ISPN-11253 Add task name to hotrod access log

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Fix trace message