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Remove unused soa branches
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Add a post-patch to strip the unneeded dependencies in brms profile
Fix groovy dependency missing issue
Move all the old soa profile into brms-distribution module, Seperate the BRMS productized code from the project code
update brms profile
Update brms profile
Add brms-distribution module for BRMS productiztion, Usage: mvn -Pbrms clean install
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update SOA profile
Revert to the previous version, Still need the extra jars
Remove unavailable dependency
Remove unavailable jexcel dependency
Patch snapshot patch into the branch
Update some existed update into brms module
Update soa profile, To seperate SOA distribution from BRMS distribution, Will submit brms profile soon
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Create branch for SOA5.1 mavenise developement. This branch is created from https://svn.jboss.org/repos/labs/labs/jbossrules/tags/
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