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creating 1.3 branch

preparing for 1.3.0 release

added note of new contrib directory

fixed problem in CFG monitor enter propagation algorithm -- mostly fixes BYTEMAN-112

corrected setting of trigger method name to use trigger class not rule target class

modified to ensure that getPeriod is called at thread start when triggering is enabled rather than thread create when it is disabled

added helper which starts background thread to periodically trigger rule execution and shuts it down when all rules are uninstalled -- update transformer to allow transforms to code in org.jboss.byteman.sample. hierarchy

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    • +207
local frame entry for this is now deriveed from trigger class and entry for TOP (i.e. top half od double word value) is now null

updated counter API to include read with zero and increment by arbitrary amount

corrected AT ENTRY injection to avoid injecting code into loops and fixed stacktrace tests accordingly as line number in the trigger fraem at entry is now -1 -- fixes BYTEMAN-111

removed redundant argument to transform method and tweaked a few error messages

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    • +18
added verbose mode trace to helper manager

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    • +20
added check so we don't report failures for classes with no matching methods

    • -14
    • +21
tweaked error message to be more informative

added extra functions to builtin counter API

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    • +30
corrected errors in tarcing script

contribute prototype dtest framework to the byteman project. BYTEMAN-110

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    • +77
fixed error introduced into script

made check adapters barf on native method - fixes BYTEMAN-109

patched to account for frame entries which were being overlooked -- fixes BYTEMAN-108

hmm, doc changed? resaving just in case -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

documented helper lifecycle support -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

added helper lifecycle support and added implementation of lifecycle methods which generate debug trace to the default helper. still needs documenting in th euser guide -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

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documented addition of $@ variable -- fixes BYTEMAN-103

emabled use $@ to refer to called method argument array in AT INVOKE rules fixes BYTEMAN-103. n.b. this required serious rewriting of local variable allocation support. still needs documenting in the user guide

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added missing stack management API methods - fixes BYTEMAN-104

added a few missing helper stack management API combinations for consistency and documented APIs -- fixes for BYTEMAN-104

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    • +150
made stack management API consistent and corrected errors in javadoc -- still need to update the user guide

    • -165
    • +333
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    • +14
moved stack trace helper code from sample jar into default helper and added extra methods for matching caller stack farmes -- still needs documenting -- partial fix for BYTEMAN-104

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corrected type check method -- fixes BYTEMAN-106