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removing non-existing remote portlets
JBEPP-995: IE 6 displays 'This page contains both secure and nonsecure items' on every pages when using SSL
Upgrade PortletBridge
Preparing for 4.3 CP7 release
JBEPP-920: Upgrade Jackrabbit version to 1.6.4

Portal SessionListener attempts to invalidate session that has already been invalidated

JBEPP-995: IE 6 displays 'This page contains both secure and nonsecure items' on every pages when using SSL
JBEPP-928: NullPointerException if dashboard context is missing
JBEPP-769: Upgrade PortletBridge to EPP 2.0.1.FINAL.EPP43

JBEPP-561: Hard coded Error-Page link- please make it configurable

Made more configurable by allowing to override just the context path

JBEPP-770: Upgrade identity to 1.1.3

JBEPP-389: Upgrade to CMS 1.2.8

JBEPP-165 - making pre-loading for JBossCachePersistenceManager configurable
JBEPP-282: use setHeader instead of addHeader in HTTPResponse.java

Contribution of Philip Kedy

Update portletbridge and identity

- JBEPP-291: Force WS timeout from XML to bypass the fact that the value cannot be persisted in DB.
- JBEPP-291: Added option to configure WS timeout from WSRP consumer descriptors.
fix for JBEPP-180
fix for JBEPP-159
JBEPP-154: Javascript error when click to "sign out with sign out event" link on TestPortlet in TestWithAjax page

Handle the case of SignOutResponse

Fixes from selenium tests from CP02 tag merged to main EPP branch.
Fix testcase


Update dep

JBEPP-150: Let a user reset an alias-binding by not defining it in a URL

Defined by KeepPNState

JBEPP-148: Creating a users dashboard results in a high number of sql selects
[JBEPP-149] - Google Gadgets User Preference does not set/show default values
JBEPP-146: null appears in content when Initial Mode property is set to Minimized

(If people had the value set through the admin console prior to this fix, this can be reset through the same admin feature)

JBEPP-141: Mouse over effect in Admin portlet does not work with IE8
JBEPP-115: Garbage characters in login form in EPP 4.3 CP02

(will not look as great in IE8 for some obscure reason)