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FORGE-1421: Moved back to ShrinkWrap Descriptors

FORGE-1421: Moved back to ShrinkWrap Descriptors #2

FORGE-1421: Fixed package name

FORGE-1421: Fixed package name in scaffold addon

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FORGE-1420: Added command to setup Furnace Test dependencies

Use aesh extensions snapshot

FORGE-1420: Added command to create Furnace Test cases

Removed unused logger

FORGE-1379: Added scaffold-faces to core

FORGE-1407: Fixed navigation condition

FORGE-1379: Scaffold is now part of core

Update JavaDocs to be more specific about wen STDIN is flushed or not.

Fixed failing test.

FORGE-1407: Shell options are no longer missed

Inverted loop

Fixed failing test

Update README.asciidoc

Using Aesh 0.46-SNAPSHOT

Breaking first line

Fixed Typo

FORGE-1417: Fixed wrong result returned

Implemented FORGE-1416 - Command to list which addons are installed and available

FORGE-1333 - Formatting improvement

FORGE-1333 - Man pages are autogenerated when documenation is missing.

FORGE-1393: renamed property to onProperty

FORGE-1393: Renamed Bean validation commands

FORGE-1414: Fixed completion bug

FORGE-1400: Implemented java-new-enum and java-new-enum-const

Fixed failing test

FORGE-1414: CommandExecutionListeners are now fired for Aesh native commands

Fix timeouts

FORGE-1412 Test 'man' command.

FORGE-1412: ForgeManProvider is now using UICommandMetadata.getDocLocation()