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Cleanup of MavenFacetImpl

Don't instantiate new commands unless necessary.

Put project types in a consistent order

FORGE-531 fix implemented for Forge 2

Attempt to prevent race conditions. Wild guess.

Make status checking a little less invasive. Should not trigger any loading if not already started.

Add missing beans.xml and Fix project renaming logging

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second attempt on wizard.

initial attempt to support wizards

Fixed project version resolution and added values to test project

Improve API of FacetFactory to throw exceptions instead of returning null - Added test. Streamlined Exception tracing a bit.

Verbiage update for consistency.

Documentation updates

Added Assertion for null facet types

Fully implemented new Forge Addon project (complex type) - Still needs some Facet refactoring. EXTENSIVE TESTS.

Ignore Aesh tests until they are more reliable

Added sort of test

Aesh test for new Forge Addon

Improve documentation

Merge branch '2.0' of into 2.0

Move addon facets into API. Fix forge container bug

Updated graphml file

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Updated graphml file

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Improve reliability of test


Expanded Addons Addon to Full layout

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Invert incorrect test for AddonRepository mutability.

Reverted InstallRequestImpl changes

Test NewProjectWizard with Aesh