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FUSETOOLS-2147 - upgrade to Neon TP 4.4.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT

SWITCHYARD-2936 - hack for intpack (#621)

- Migrating all the tweaks from the Mars branch

SWITCHYARD-2960 - preliminary work to improve performance (#619)

Fixed checkstyle issues

SWITCHYARD-2907 - fixing facet issue on config version change (#618)

SWITCHYARD-2957 - fixing problem with threading

FUSETOOLS-2018 - handle refresh case where adding/removing capabilities (#614)

And fix timeout issues in all m2e-based tests.

Also added a few missing bits that didn't make it into the Neon PR from

FUSETOOLS-2092 from the 2.1.x branch

FUSETOOLS-2098 - updating version for fuse features (#612)

Merge pull request #610 from apupier/FUSETOOLS-2092-ApplyOnMasterToo

FUSETOOLS-2092 - Implement clean for SYBuildParticipant and stabilize

FUSETOOLS-2092 - Implement clean for SYBuildParticipant and stabilize test

- move xml Camel routes to the correct default folder

- move java minimal version to 1.7 to be compatible with Camel 2.17

- implement clean on SYBuildParticipant

- log checkstyle errors

FUSETOOLS-2018 - migrating the changes from 2.1.x to Master (#607)

SWITCHYARD-2952 - fixes relayHeaders issue for CXF reference bindings (#603)

on the neon branch

FUSETOOLS-2074 - this is the Neon side to the bpmn2-modeler update (#601)

SWITCHYARD-2942 - reacting to runtime version for JAXB transformer (#594)

creation. We add the new fields if it's 2.1+ and don't if it's < 2.1

SWITCHYARD-2947 - updates to generate different camel routes based on (#592)

the version of SwitchYard (neon)

SWITCHYARD-2943 - updating plugin.xml to add support for Fuse 6.3 (#590)

SWITCHYARD-2940 - updating default runtime version to 2.1.0.Final (#588)

FUSETOOLS-2046 - updates for BPMN2 modeler (#586)

SWITCHYARD-2836 - fix for different path to promoting reference (#584)

FUSETOOLS-1927 - fixing errant validation with SCA binding (#583)

JBTIS-815 - updating TP to latest Neon version 4.4.0.Alpha1 (#582)

SWITCHYARD-2936 - support for updated integration pack/kie versions (#581)

SWITCHYARD-2937 - get Java version from selected runtime at project


FUSETOOLS-2021 - Avoid ClassCastException (#578)

FUSETOOLS-2005 - adding new attributes to JAXB transformer model (#577)

Also added new checkboxes to JAXB transformer UI bits

FUSETOOLS-2004 - new attribute for SOAP message composer (#575)

Updated EMF model and added new checkbox to SOAP service and reference

bindings. Externalized a few more strings and updated outdated

databinding observable listeners

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FUSETOOLS-1984 - Report only illegal transitive dependencies (#574)

SWITCHYARD-2921 - updating site pom to replace mars with neon (#573)

Should be the last change needed to get Neon builds working correctly.

SWITCHYARD-2921 - Fixes for version #s in poms (#572)

SWITCHYARD-2921 - updates for site index.html (#571)

Updated the index.html for the generated site

SWITCHYARD-2921 - Updates to build on Eclipse NEON (#570)

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Merge pull request #569 from bfitzpat/SWITCHYARD-2897-0525

SWITCHYARD-2897 - fixing issue with preferLocal on SCA binding

SWITCHYARD-2897 - fixing issue with preferLocal on SCA binding

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