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- update sample portal and sample ext configuration for infinispan - remove obsolete jboss cache configuration

Fix issue with usage of UserStatus.DISABLED instead of UserStatus.BOTH

GTNPORTAL-3390 : Migration to JCR 1.16.0-Alpha4 - EAP 6.2 multinode setup and jgroups dependencies and config fixes

GTNPORTAL-3390 : Migration to JCR 1.16.0-Alpha4 - EAP 6.2 support

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GTNPORTAL-3390 : Migration to JCR 1.16.0-Alpha4 - AS 7.1.1 support

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GTNPORTAL-3390 : Migration to JCR 1.16.0-Alpha4

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GTNPORTAL-3338: The position of is not correct in Add category form of Application Registry

GTNPORTAL-3385 Support full-ha and ha profiles in domain mode

GTNPORTAL-3384 gatein-cdi-contexts artifact is missing in Tomcat packaging

GTNPORTAL-3382: enable scrolling on iframes when using the mobile skin.

GTNPORTAL-3380 Upgrade twitter4j to fix error during login with Twitter

GTNPORTAL-3378 - Wrapped the cache control code into a null check

GTNPORTAL-3374 Submenu is displayed off the screen in right to left mode

GTNPORTAL-3351: Change warning message to debug when userProfile is null

GTNPORTAL-3361 - Added URLEncoding to avoid possible attacks on the header

GTNPORTAL-3362 Add examples for Inter Portlet Communication

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GTNPORTAL-3363 - Added INFO logging when loading of gadget is blocked

When a gadget has content that is remote to the server and is not white-listed (or is blacklisted), provide a INFO-level log about it, instead of just silently failing.

GTNPORTAL-3361 Moved the setting of the cache-control header to before the processRequest

GTNPORTAL-3361 - Added Cache-Control configuration option

Each portal now can set its own Cache-Control policy, the default being the value which is currently being used, for backwards compatibility.

GTNPORTAL-3356 NPE when Add new page in Page Management

GTNPORTAL-3359 - Supressed WSRP-related exceptions on shutdown

Supressed the exception thrown in case something goes wrong while shutting down the consumers, as we cannot guarantee that the stop routine for WSRP will be called before the stop routine for the JCR connection manager. The proper solution would be to find a way to hook into the JCR shutdown and stop it before the JCR connection manager shuts down, but there doesn't seems to be a way to do it.

GTNPORTAL-3338 The position of Required Field (*) is not correct in Add category form of Application Registry

GTNPORTAL-3357: Navigation nodes in GROUP navigation editor don't change label after portal language changed

GTNPORTAL-3358: Add redirect admin ui icons files with warning sign included.

GTNPORTAL-2943 Hyphens not allowed in Javascript Modules

GTNPORTAL-3340 Resource bundle Warnings in Application Registry

Revert "GTNPORTAL-3293 Group all mobile responsive portets into a war packaging"

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GTNPORTAL-3332: Should show more meaning message when user don't have permission to add child navigation node

GTNPORTAL-3329 disable session persistence across Tomcat restarts

GTNPORTAL-3355: fix issue where overlapping menus open and then immediately close. Affects smaller screened devices.