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Fix for JBESB-3584 "SOAPProxy needs to handle the document case where SOAPAction is not set"

Handle propagation of action configuration to SOAPProxyWsdlLoader: JBESB-3467
Correct retry handler property name: JBESB-3456
Replace aggregator tags for invm: JBESB-3464
Fix null ConfigTree in RemoteWsdlLoader: JBESB-3456
Allow retry handler to be configured: JBESB-3456
Pulled across fix for SOAPProxy Service with unreachable proxy URL causes server to hang : JBESB-3458
Pulled across fix for ReplyTo EPR must be manually reset after Aggregator action is used: JBESB-3311
Pulled across fix for Aggregator meta data in properties: JBESB-3310
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Pulled across fix for SOAPClient's OGNL util does not map collections properly from SOAP responses: JBESB-3452
Pulled across fix for SOAPClient action remappes objects with null strings to empty strings: JBESB-3451
Pulled across fix for OGNLUtils.assertIsCollection fails: JBESB-3453
Update picketlink to 1.0.3.final: JBESB-3352
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Add support for SecurityContextAssociation in AS5 environments: JBESB-3346
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Remove http method constraints: JBESB-3350
Remove http method constraints: JBESB-3349
count now applies to all dur jobs, not just suspended: JBESB-3347
Add comments from David re PKIX failure: JBESB-3337
Add security domain to SecurityContext: JBESB-3345
Change groovy classpath to exec classpath: JBESB-3338
Add warning about database changes: JBESB-3339
Add our own default provider: JBESB-3317
Add jbossts-common.jar to classpath: JBESB-3285
Fix synchronization and ignore polling for null bean: JBESB-3325
Performance changes: JBESB-3326
Support nested schema locations: JBESB-3322
Fix prefix when no match: JBESB-3324
Add queue dependencies for ebws test: JBESB-3323
Remove explicit hibernate delete of jBPM variable instance: JBESB-3301