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[JBPAPP-10547] changing default allow empty password value to prevent using empty passwords by default.
[JBPAPP-9510] Remove extra call to _stopOldMaster that can cause HASingletons to be shut down on all cluster nodes

[JBPAPP-7791] fixing JNDI: unauthenticated remote write access is permitted by default
changes to TS due changes introduced by [JBPAPP-7791]
[JBPAPP-8823] - test case for XERCESJ-589
[JBPAPP-6780] Wrong timeout value in OracleValidConnectionChecker
[JBPAPP-6284] Removing GET and POST http verbs to restrict unauthenticated access.

JBPAPP-6908 Fixing server definitions which were broken by commit for JBPAPP-6523
JBPAPP 6426-Upgrade Jboss Messaging to 1.4.0.SP3_CP14
Updating the branch to CP10
JBPAPP-6828 Release and upgrade jbossws-native 2.0.1.SP2_CP11
JBPAPP-6787 Upgrade Xerces to 2.7.1.patch-03 / Revert JBPAPP-6426 (back to JBM 1.4.0.SP3_CP12)
JBPAPP-6426 Upgrade JBoss Messaging to 1.4.0.SP3_CP13
JBPAPP-6296 - Commenting test case until fixed correctly
Updating older versions in comatibility matrix tests
Included previous CP releases for compatibility matrix tests
Refactored tests to be host agnostic and de-duplicate common code for JBPAPP-6523.
Renamed test target to tests-jbpapp6523 instead of test-jbpapp6523 for JBPAPP-6523.
Fix wrong test target name for JBPAPP-6523.
Commit test for JBPAPP-6523.
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JBPAPP-5507 Release and upgrade JBossWS Native
[JBPAPP-6575][JBPAPP-6296] testcase ensuring platform mbeans are accessible after startup
JBPAPP-6106 Update JBoss Serialization in JBoss EAP 4.3 CP10 (1.0.5.FINAL)
[JBPAPP-5487] Change log triggered by failover of an expired session from ERROR to DEBUG

[JBPAPP-5920] Fix UpgradeException when multiple requests with the same SSO ID create a session simultaneously

JBPAPP-5704 Upgrade to JBoss Cache 1.4.1_SP15
JBPAPP-5852 Upgrade JGroups to 2.4.10
JBPAPP-6426 Upgrade JBoss Messaging to 1.4.0.SP3_CP12
JBPAPP-5401 Upgrade jbossweb to 2.0.0.GA_CP16