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JBPAPP-10992 Upgrade to jboss-negotiation 2.1.6.Final
JBPAPP-11016 Upgrade jbossts to 4.6.1.GA_CP15
JBPAPP-11073 Upgrade HornetQ to 2.2.28.Final
JBPAPP-11126 on behalf of pkremens@redhat.com
JBPAPP-11001 workaround - on behalf of hmlnarik@redhat.com
JBPAPP-11034 - run.[bat|sh] scripts fails to start server on IBM jdk (all platforms) and solaris 10

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JBPAPP-11111 Update ApacheDS to 2.0.0-M15

JBPAPP-11031 adding AprLifecycleListener to tomcat-ssl configuration
JBPAPP-10993 Upgrade xalan from 2.7.1-patch-07 to 2.7.1-patch-08
Adding oracle12c as supported database under crash recovery tests
[JBPAPP-10904] Using doPriviledged to access the ClassLoader this fixing the "access denied".

reverting previous commit as the doPriviledged block was wrongly placed.

[JBPAPP-10904] Using doPriviledged to access the ClassLoader this fixing the "access denied".

Using File.toURI to be cross-plateform

Fixing JBPAPP-10998 using File.separatorChar instead of / in path to file.

JBPAPP-11070, update version number for JBOSS_NATIVE_DIR in run.sh and run.bat
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[JBQA-8614] corrected test for EAP5-17

JBPAPP-11067: Upgrade to JBoss Web 2.1.16.GA

JBPAPP-11064 Update glassfish-jstl to add JSTL memory leak fix
JBPAPP-11037: must use an existing class as ejb-class

JBPAPP-11037: fix EJB permission mapping as per EJB 3.0 17.3

JBPAPP-11063: upgrade to jboss-ejb3-bom-eap5 1.0.6

JBPAPP-10897 Upgrade JBoss Security to 2.0.8
JBQA-8610 - Test cache of passwords from external source for LdapExt login module
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JBPAPP-10919 Upgrade jboss-metadata to 1.0.8
JBPAPP-10737 change JBossGenericPrincipal access level from default to public
Upgrade jboss-messaging to 1.4.8.SP10 (JBPAPP-11028)
JBPAPP-11025 fixed HASessionStateService and ClusterPartition deploy/undeploy deps
Rename RolesAuthorizationTestCase to RolesAuthorizationUnitTestCase so it is run as part of tests-standard-unit
[JBPAPP-11024] prevent class unloading messages on stdout
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