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[JBPAPP-10804] run.bat -c <configfile> causes options like -Dfoo=bar to fail, this commit fixes this and also JBPAPP-10805 which is related
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[JBPAPP-10705] reverting and moving to JBPAPP_5
[JBPAPP-10705] testcase to prevent regression in the future
JBPAPP-10647 update jbossweb with one-off patch version
JBPAPP-9912 Fix SRPLoginModuleUnitTestCase failure in EWP testsuite
JBPAPP-10411 - fixing the EAP core sources to support a white-space in its path
JBPAPP-10411 - fixing the testsuite to support a white-space in its path
JBPAPP-5856 - quoting the classpath to treate whitespaces properly
JBPAPP-6530 - add logger instead of plain exception dump
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JBPAPP-5922 - fxing the socketProcessIdPort setting through SBM
[JBPAPP-10649] Change HARMIServerImpl debug message "RMI local invocation =" from INFO to DEBUG

[JBPAPP-10648] run.bat sets property -Dprogram.name on windows wrongly
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JBPAPP-10563 - changing the testsuite classpath to take jbossall-client.jar
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JBPAPP-10621 - fix ANT_OPTS propagation for testsuite on Windows
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adding sa-jdi.jar to the testsuite classpath for JBPAPP-10310
JBPAPP-7888 SRPLoginModuleUnitTestCase and SRPUnitTestCase fixes
small change in LogWrongLoginModuleOptionsTest
JBPAPP-9731 upgrade security to 2.0.5.SP3-1 and CVE-2011-2487 update jbossws to 3.1.2-patch-01
Merge fix from jcacek: [JBPAPP-10385] extend test coverage
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Merge fix from pskopek: [JBPAPP-10385] - Fixed NPE regression.
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JBPAPP-10068 Upgrade JBoss AOP to 2.1.6.CP06 / JBPAPP-5925
Maintenance branch for EAP 5.2.x releases
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