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Update showcase-portlet dependency version to 3.1.0.Final

JBQA-6925: Fix for opening group tab

With never testng version is no longer posible open link which is not visible,

so have to open group tab (A4J,RICH) before open component examples list page

Update metamer-portlet dependency to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Add metamer/portlet to default build

Since considered keep separate branch for all Portal related stuff, it is no longer need keep portlet module out of default build process

Fix portlet filter config in portlet.xml

RFPL-6925: Apply fixes for PBR-460, PBR-459, PBR-458, PBR-457 and PBR-456

Since fixes commited into PBR project, need update PBR version dependency and fix problems brought by it.

(Missing depedendency (UserBean) causing compilation problem in portlet module, and then resolve problem with richfaces version bundled into metamer-portlet.war (brought by dependency on metamer-classes, which brought richfaces version 4.3.0 instead of 4.2.x because of richfaces bom included as parent)

Fix deploy problem on JPP-6.0.0

JBoss remoting version required by JPP differs with default, so upgraded version accodingly.

But have to handle GateIn which still require previous configuration

Metamer: inplaceInput: added test for @title

Metamer: inplaceInput: input validation tests added

Metamer: autocomplete input validation refactored

Metamer: some beans for input validation refactored

Metamer: method expectedReturnJS fix

Metamer: validationMessages page refactoring with Graphene

Metamer: *changeListeners refactored with phaseInfo






Fixes for rich:isUserInRole() (PBR-460)

Remove extra h:form

h:form is defined in the template around where the "component" is inserted, adding another h:form inside the define for "component" results in a form within a form that are essentially identical and two java.faces.encodedURL form params are created and passed with Request

reload testers refactored



2 tests for autocomplete stabilized

testRender for command link and command button fixed

Metamer: rich:inplaceInput: tests for JS API

Metamer: rich:inplaceInput: added missing tests for some attributes

Page fragments: renamed inplaceInput component

Metamer: testng-selenium2 updated

Metamer: inplaceInput tests conversion to selenium 2

Page fragments: added inplaceInput component

fixed tests for rich:messages returned to test suite

Metamer: rich:calendar: test for @immediate fixed

Shrinkwarp resolver dependency returned

unnecessary dependencies removed

Selenium updated to 2.26.0 added org.apache.httpcomponents:httpcore to metamer-ftest dependencies