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Merged the fix for ASPATCH-444 into the CP branch for 4.0.5.
bumping version files for CP18
ASPATCH-437: fix leading zeros
ASPATCH-426: CVE-2008-5515 tomcat security fix (important), ASPATCH-428: CVE-2009-0033 tomcat security fix (important), ASPATCH-430: CVE-2009-0580 tomcat security fix (low)
bumping version files for CP17
ASPATCH-361 Security Update for Tomcat 5.5.23 (CVE-2007-5333) 5.5.23.patch06-brew
bumping version files for CP16
Fix for ASPATCH-406. A copy is made of the session attributes Hashtable before being serialized if the 'jboss.web.clustered.session.copy.attribute.map' property is set to true.
bumping version files for CP15
ASPATCH-370 Backport patch for CVE-2008-1232, ASPATCH-367 CVE-2008-1947 Low Hostmanager XSS, ASPATCH-375 Backport CVE-2008-2370, ASPATCH-374 Backport CVE-2008-2938
bumping version files for CP14
JBAS-4592: removed NPE when session timed out in the login page.
ASPATCH-386: changed hard coded "localhost" MBean names
ASPATCH-386: changed hard coded "localhost" MBean names
bumping version files for CP13
ASPATCH-343 - update tomcat to 5.5.23.patch04-brew for security reasons

IT #168408 - update tomcat to 5.5.23.patch04-brew to add patch

Fix for JBAS-5125.

bumping version files for CP12
update info files to CP11
[ASPATCH-321] - Port JBAS-4225 to 4.0.5 CP - JBossMQ WriteTask in UIL2 could block forever
update version info files to CP10
[ASPATCH-317] Backport XMBean Interceptor for InvokerAdaptorService to deal with NonSerializableExceptions.
ASPATCH-308 - CVE-2007-5461: Information Leak in Tomcat Webdav Servlet / AS 4.0.5
[ASPATCH-318] - Port JBAS-4870 - Redelivery flags not updated in case of JBossMQ node failure
ASPATCH-299 changes.
update version info files to CP09
Fix for [ASPATCH-280]. Shutdown now uses a local remove instead of eviction when removing nodes from the cache on shutdown.