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Add example TCP cluster configuration for [JBPORTAL-2388].
- JBEPP-65: Use onclick instead of onchange as IE does not register an 'OnChange' event until the mouse is clicked somewhere else on the page after having changed your radio/checkbox selection. This resulted in incorrect behavior for some immediate elements of forms.
JBPORTAL-2331 - CMS Modifies URLs
JBPORTAL-2331 - upgrading tinymce from 2.0.8 to
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JBPORTAL-2331 - upgrading tinymce from 2.0.8 to
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add transaction to testGetChild
Preparing 2.6.8/2.6.9.SNAPSHOT

JBPORTAL-2336 - remove debug
- JBPORTAL-2226: hackish fix...
- JBPORTAL-2226: dnd-handle div now has height so that we can drag from the whole title bar (needs testing on IE)

- Properly close divs in DynaDecorationRenderer.

- JBPORTAL-2040:

+ Re-wrote PortalObject.getChild to use container directly instead of going through ObjectNode.getChildren

to avoid having to retrieve all the children just to get one. This should yield a massive reduction in DB


+ Removed unused instances and pages SelectedItems in PortalObjectManagerBean

- Added PortalObjectId.getChildId to efficiently get a child's id from a parent and use ParameterValidation.

- JBPORTAL-2306: Fixed WSRPPortletURL.toString() method to properly add WSRP end rewriting token.

- Added test case.

- JBPORTAL-2281: Ported performance improvements to 2.6 branch
- JBPORTAL-2284: ProducerInfo are now created with a RegistrationInfo that's marked as undetermined instead of null. (merged both 12686 and 12692).
- Added test case.
JBPORTAL-2281: Perf issue when many user dashboard

JBPORTAL-2266 - CMS JBPM Workflow affected by the JBPM Value Serialization Bug

JBPORTAL-2150 - null pointer exception raise when clicking a langue
JBPORTAL-2151 - WYSIWYG not working in preview with files with no content
JBPORTAL-2158 - NullPointer exception when accessing non existing directory in CMS
JBPORTAL-2157 - User not notified when uploading nonexisting / wrong type archive in CMS
JBPORTAL-2117 - org.jboss.portal.core.cms.CMSObjectCommandFactoryService incorrectly uses "path" as a render parameter
- JBPORTAL-2264, JBPORTAL-2259: Functor was an interesting solution but a better one is to not use instance id as HTML id...
- JBPORTAL-2264, JBPORTAL-2259: Improved performance of functor.
- JBPORTAL-2264, JBPORTAL-2259: Added id sanitization before using them as HTML ids, users can still use names

with . or spaces... Display performance of instance list seems to suffer from it so should investigate


- Added test case in test suite so that it gets run.
- JBPORTAL-2233:

+ Re-wrote traversal logic of WSRPExtensionHandler to traverse the whole tree.

+ Added test case.

+ Removed dependency on DOMUtils.

- JBPORTAL-2229: Check that portal dir exists in JBoss data dir, if not create it.
- JBPORTAL-2230: Single quotes need to be escape in localized messages containing parameters.