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JCR-2316: Reduce the memory impact of the deserialization of Items

JCR-2336: New registered namespaces aren't synchronized between two nodes

JCR-2331: Fix cases where an IOException is thrown while serializing the data

JCR-2334: RepositoryCheckController mbean writes log in / when starting as Linux Service

JCR-2329: The test case has been removed

JCR-2331: Wrong Upload size on cluster mode

JCR-2330: jcrvdxxxxxxxxxx.tmp temporary files are not deleted after uploading a file

JCR-2329: Disabled temporary

JCR-2328: SetPropertyCalendarTest and TestDateValueFormat fail when the cache is disabled

JCR-2327: Allow to set permission for users that has a space in their login

JCR-2320: Cannot initialize the JCR with a low batch size

JCR-2313: changed dependencies to snapshots

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.16.1-GA

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JCR-2313 : changed dependencies to tag

JCR-2318 : A wrong delimiter on mysql-utf8 script

JCR-2317 : Cannot start eXo JCR with MySQL in UTF-8.

JJCR-2315 : Cannot launch performance tests due to a conflict in versions of jboss-logging

JCR-2308: Fixed the typo

COR-322 : Document the behavior of restoreIdentity param - SetCurrentIdentityFilter

JCR-2290 : TestQuotas.testQuotaWhenWorkspaceIsRemoved fails randomly on Mysql

JCR-2292: JCR-2309 Avoid replication for local changes

JCR-2308: ConstraintViolationException expected when a mandatory property is missing and a node with the same name exists

PLF-5684 : Declare the source release package used to bundle all PLF sources

Use argLine as POM property and not surefire configuration to be compatible with jacoco (Used to retrieve tests coverage in Sonar)

JCR-2302 : Support db2 10.1

JCR-2300 : Apply given remark

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/exodev/jcr

JCR-2300 : add query hints for getChildNodesData query on mysql.

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:exodev/jcr