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JBTM-3217 Take Compensate and Complete timeout information from the LRA annotation in the same class

LRA feature branch

Updated to 5.10.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

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JBTM-3207 fixes to run LRA on thorntail (also fixes JBTM-3198)

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BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Make the || fatal consistent with the other fatal checks

JBTM-3204 Upgrade LRA TCK recovery handling to accommodate specification changes

JBTM-3203 Updated to deal with long file names

JBTM-3201 Synchronize the loadClass test method

JBTM-3199 Include lra-coordinator war in the distribution

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JBTM-3196 warn if no AIO

JBTM-3190 Transform LRA coordinator runtime to Quarkus

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JBTM-3196 Upgrade to Artemis 2.9.0

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Fail the build if drivers cannot be obtained

JBTM-3195 Don't assert before all the threads return

JBTM-3194 All access to shared states is under the connections monitor so remove deadlock potential

JBTM-3192 Fix compensatorLink expectations in LRA coordinator

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Increase the delay for slower nodes

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: The script can run under bash

JBTM-3191 Align LRA client expectations for LRA coordinator default port

JBTM-3145 Don't cancel LRA from a ForkJoinPool thread This is a temporary workaround - the issue will be completely resolved by issue JBTM-3189

JBTM-3188 Ensure lock store config uses the object store MBean

JBTM-3187 Add MessageBodyWriter for ParticipantStatus and application/octet-stream media type

JBTM-3186 Safeguard LRA filters for situations when CDI is not available

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Open the browser to assist with working out if the binaries are available

JBTM-3180 Do not use null Entities on JAX-RS PUT requests

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: More stability to the release script

Updated to 5.9.9.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.8.Final

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[JBTM-3185] updating use of jandex version for narayana-jta cdi

JBTM-3184 LRA TckParticipantTests do not finish started LRAs