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FORGE-1267 Fix extraction of Id name from getters

Corrections to the templates

Added BaseEntityResource for JPA Entity-based REST resources

Fixed usage of Selections in UITestHarness

UIContext should be created once in UITestHarness

Merge pull request #365 from ivannov/FORGE-1443

FORGE-1443 database.action property is drop-and-create

FORGE-1443 database.action property is drop-and-create

The default Java EE persistence provider is based on JPA 2.1, where you

have all those standard properties that should be supported by all

providers. So Forge sets one of those properties (database.action) to

drop-and-create. It also adds some DDL schema generation properties.

Minor doc update

Added tests and fixes for PersistenceMetaModelFacet

FORGE-1455 - Use arguments instead of options

Rename MavenPomResource -> MavenModelResource

POM -> Model in MavenFacet API

Update docs and JDK7

Update docs

FORGE-1455 Implemented project-add/remove(-managed)-dependencies

FORGE-1477: added jpa-new-mapped-superclass

Better error handling in ProjectFacet API and Maven implementation

Changed result from AddDependencyCommand

Setter returning MetadataFacet

Removed public from the method signature in the MetadataFacet interface

Implemented project-add-dependency command (needs a bit more work)

Updated documentation slightly

Dependencies addon now produces a converter for use in the UIInput<Dependency> fields, and optionally depends on UI addon

Fix erroneous completion

Fix FORGE-1494: Prevent NPE when creating UICommands with no categories

Removed useless enum

FORGE-1169: Added cdi-list-decorators, cdi-list-alternatives and cdi-list-interceptors

Supporting ACCEPT_DEFAULTS flag in ShellUIPromptImpl

FORGE-1492: Exported variables are now available in UIContext

Organized track-changes output