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RF-12291 reproduced

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RF-12291: copied user defined code

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Page Fragments: updated arquillian.xml and pom.xml accordig to it

RFPL-2371: merged so far implementation of page fragments

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Glassfish updated

Add condition before cast to HttpServletRequest in VersionBean

Since this app should run as Portlet, and then cast directly should cause exception

added reproducer for pickList bug RF-12343

added reproducer for bug RF-12114 (onblur attribute of autocomplete)

Metamer: rich:message: some tests rewritten to Selenium 2

Metamer: refactored some rich:message pages

group 4.Future removed from fixed tests

Metamer: deleted old rich:fileUpload test

Metamer: updated testng-selenium2.xml

Metamer: rich:fileUpload : tests migrated to selenium 2, some missing tests added, refactored with Graphene

Metamer: AbstractWebDriverTest: added helper method for testing

Metamer: rich:fileUpload pages: added missing attribute

annotations updated

Selenium server timeout set

TestNG descriptor updated

TestNG descriptor for Selenium 2 tests updated

RF-12291: another altering of code to resemble user reported code

RF-12291: added code which more simulate user reported code

tests for a4j:commandLink rewritten to Selenium 2

support for iphone

Added page simulating issue RF-12291

tests for a4j:commandButton refactored

Tomcat 7 version updated

tests for a4j:log rewritten to Selenium 2

tests for a4j:actionListener rewritten to Se2

rich:accordion tests rewritten to Se2