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RF-12891: issue simulation

Merged TestParam into one test

Modified TestParam and overwrote TestFunctions to WebDriver

Changed locator in ClientParamPage and deprecated Graphene method

Refactored skin change test

Merge branch '4.3.x' of into 4.3.x

Fixed locators for portal environment

Fixed locators in order to make them work in portal

added orderingList to testng-selenium2.xml

class TestToggleNodeEvent removed from testng-selenium2.xml because package is already included

class name in TestNG descriptor fixed

sample for a4j:repeat fixed

fixed jbosseap-managed-6-1 profile

metamer: select: added JS API tests

metamer: select: tests conversion to Selenium 2, added missing tests, updated samples

metamer: orderingList: removed unnecessary form element

page-fragments: select: added possibility of selection by keys

two classes renamed

compilation error fixed

sample and tests for dynamic tab panel fixed

metamer+page-fragments: hotkey: fragment introduced and tests refactored

metamer: progressBar: client mode sample and test enhanced with all JS API functions

page-fragments: calendar: performance improvement

all tests in group 4.Future moved to group Future

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
refactoring finished

class renamed to follow naming conventions

failing test for inplace select's JS API fixed

metamer: popupPanel: tests conversion to Selenium 2, JS API and missing tests added, samples updated, testng-selenium2.xml updated

deprecated code refactored

page-fragments: refactoring of popupPanel fragment