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bootstrap showcase: menu adjust

Bootstrap showcase component navbar

Bootstrap showcase horizontal popup menu init

Showcase: navigation page and scrollspy demo

Merge branch 'RF-12901-showcase' of into RF-12901-showcase

Showcase ui:define workaround

added Guardfile for livereload functionality

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Showcase scroll spy

New showcase fix editor list component

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New showcase sideNavbar, component added: editor, panel, accordion, message

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New showcase: prettify cc codeblock

New showcase ajax submenu

New Showcase horizontal navbar

Charts added to new showcase

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exposed RendererUtils#isForm(UIComponent)

RF-13436: updating Editor on before ajaxsubmit

RF-13436: cleanup of CKEditor 3 and its resource library leftovers

RF-13436: removing resources for CKEditor 3 and old editor.js

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RF-13436: re-implemented Editor from RichWidgets

showcase remove bootstrap namespace taglib design

New showcase: ordering,picklist autocomplete prettify bootstrap.js

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Bootstrap showcase init

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RF-13165: Added a test demonstrating the rowclick event does not work with ajax

RF-13436: upgraded CKEditor to 4.3 + its RichWidgets wrapper (snapshot update)

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RF-13436: added CKEditor to Gruntfile

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switched RichWidgets to snapshots (#dist branch)

RF-13544: upgrade integration tests to WildFly 8.0.0.Final

RF-13540: removed MyFaces API from default profile as we use reflection for acessing its classes

RF-13540: ResourceTracker: mark processed resources in webspheres incarnation of myfaces

Merge branch 'release/5.0.0.Alpha3'