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charts JS public API

RF-13237: Corrected the namespace of the log component in the showcase template

RF-13685: Checked if the facesContext is already released in the EPVC release method

RF-13679: Corrected the mis-named attribtute in the StyleClassProps interface

RF-13660: Adjusted the JsfVersionInspector to allow for -SNAPSHOT version strings

RF-13651, RF13663 rewrote tests to make use of Warp.observe() method

RF-13676: fix clientId resolution for spinner/slider

RF-13640: generalized the mouseeneter listener to lookup item element parents when the event element is not an item

RF-13680: editor.forceBlur method replaced with blur

- in CKEditor 4.x forceBlur was replaced with blur(noDelay)

exclude flot from packed resources

RF-13635: change menuNodeImage to png

RF-13640: replaced the mouseover listener with one for mouseenter. Also looked up the parent item element for click events

RF-13672: added profile for WildFly 8.1

Reverted "RF-13671: Upgraded Arquillian PhantomJS to 1.1.3.Final" because the PhantomJS is not yet in public repository

This reverts commit 577ca5e34d8e91bafb93d611ff92440363e6fb9f.

RF-13671: Upgraded Arquillian PhantomJS to 1.1.3.Final

Port RF-13615 - fix column resizing

RF-13670: Removed the "new" label from all samples, added it to the chart sample

RF-13636: added java.util.Collection to whitelistBaseClasses

RF-13667: Updated the jsf dependencies to match WildFly 8.1.0.Final

RF-13665: Implemented a JsfVersionInspector class to inspect the jsf-impl version and prevent application initialisation for incompatible jsf impls (See: RF-13505)

RF-13651 fixed core warp test for FF and Chrome

RF-13663 fixed a4j warp tests for Chrome

Chart remove old resource

RF-13656: fix CSS handling in extendedDataTable

RF-13664: Replaced firstChild calls with children[0]

RF-13584: fix tree key converter (port RF-13235)

charts: rf4 namespace remooved from js

Chart resources moved to component/rich

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RF-13585: added the bootstrap css into the components-demo

RF-13585: Simplified the components-demo deployable name, dropping the version