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Merge pull request #161 from richfaces/release/4.5.13.Final


changing to next development version 4.5.14-SNAPSHOT

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changing version to 4.5.13.Final

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RF-12653: fix mouseup handling

RF-12653: revert/fix mouse event handling

showcase: tests: autocomplete: added waiting for suggestions to be visible in ITestCustomLayouts (RF-14223)

RF-14221: fix description of header and bodyClass attributes

RF-14212: specify default value of useDefaultNode

RF-11635: add title attribute to calendar

RF-12653: fix focus handling and popup hiding

RF-13441: prevent menu hiding on show

RF-13165: components rich: edt: enabled test ITRowClick

RF-13167: keep styleClass attribute on disabled menu items

RF-13127: enhance equals() for validator scripts

RF-10813: fix class name

RF-12527: fix dragindicator z-index, remove unused classes

RF-13165: fix ajax source resolution

RF-14213: fix custom progressbar handling

RF-11705: change contrast of popup close button

RF-12661: handle null value in tooltip

RF-14217: upgrade jQuery (1.12)

RF-14024: specify requirement of 'var' attribute

RF-12337: fix initial state, fix renderer test

RF-12337: use inline-block for popup parent

RF-12337: fix popupPanel test

RF-12337: make popupPanel 'display:none' by default

RF-14219: page-fragments: editor: append the text to the end of the editor's content

RF-14217: upgrade Atmosphere (2.4.2)

RF-14218: fix source element propagation in fileupload response

RF-11941: prevent registration of unrendered queue